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1. Readable, informative and up-to-date, Sparks is the newspaper for everyone involved in the installation and maintenance of electrical supplies and equipment.

2. Although Sparks is aimed mainly at the electrician and contractor, the content generally has a wide appeal with broad coverage, and is in fact the preferred reading of a number of engineers who want pertinent and relevant information.

3. Sparks is newsy, in touch, and educational without being intimidating.

4. Sparks channels valuable business and buying information to readers. For the reader who only has time to read one electrical publication each month, Sparks is probably it!

5. Features are designed to cover:

- the safe and effective installation of electrical supplies from substation to point of use

- the effective use of electricity at low voltage in fixed and semi-permanent installations

- tools, skills, knowhow and techniques for accomplishing the above

- managing the workplace and people so that this is done efficiently

6. Sparks is endorsed by the Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IEESA) and features lighting every month.

7. Put together by an editorial and advertising team that is in constant touch with the industry,

8. Sparks is the newspaper most likely to be seen on the dashboard of a contractor's bakkie, without being out of place in a consulting engineer's reception area. Sparks is published in the first week of the month of publication (i.e. September issue being distributed in the first two weeks of September) ensuring that all the relevant information and breaking news reaches the market in time.


ABC Circulation for Sparks Electrical News:

Q1 January to March 2019 TOTAL CIRCULATION: 6593

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