Atlas Copco has once again stayed true to its reputation as the Home of Industrial Ideas with the launch of its first-ever battery-powered LED light tower – the HiLight Z3+. The innovative light tower beams ahead of customers’ expectations thanks to its zero noise and emission capabilities alongside prolonged operating times of up to 32 hours.

Atlas Copco Zero noise

“The HiLight Z3+ is a shining example of what can be achieved with battery-operated light towers,” notes David Stanford, business line manager of Portable Products at Atlas Copco Power Technique.

The game changing HiLight Z3+ bears testament to the evolutionary step that Atlas Copco has taken with battery-powered light towers. The company has invested extensively in R&D to ensure that the HiLight Z3+ delivers optimal performance in terms of reliability, portability, running hours, ease-of-use and lowest total cost of ownership.

“When customers are working at night on construction sites, outdoor events and industrial areas, whether rural or urban, they require the best possible lighting to ensure task accuracy as well as the safety of employees,” says Stanford. Comprising a high luminosity lamp assembly of 4 x 160 W LEDs with a life expectancy of 50 000 hours, the floodlights deliver ideal light distribution over a 3 000 m² illumination area through specially designed directional glass optics.

The HiLight Z3+ utilises lithium-ion batteries which, when compared to lead-acid and gel battery types, offers up to 20% more Depth of Discharge (DoD), three times more energy density and a lifetime of 6 000 cycles that is equivalent to six times more than alternative technologies. Powering running times of up to 32 hours and requiring a charging time of only six hours directly from auxiliary, grid or portable generator supply units, the reliable light tower provides customers with peace of mind in the knowledge that their operations can continue well into the night without standstill due to poor lighting.

Spearheading the zero-emission drive, the eco-friendly Highlight Z3+ releases no emissions and offers a yearly reduction of 1 t of CO2 emissions and diesel savings of more than 1 000 litres. “This means that customers no longer need to stress over future emission regulations and can continue with business as usual,” says Stanford. *CO2 emissions per litre of diesel burned = 2,6 kg.

Atlas Copco’s new clean drive technologies offer customers an alternative to diesel driven units used in metropolitan construction areas and public events. As there is no diesel engine the need for refueling is eliminated enhancing efficiency and autonomy on site. In addition, with the near-silent battery-operated HighLight Z3+ customers achieve full environmental compliance in urban locations thanks to zero noise during operation and the absence of engine emissions.

Supported by a hydraulically elevated, vertical mast, with wind-stable certification up to 80 km/h at a maximum operating height of 8 m, the LED lighting units deliver unrivalled performance across even the harshest environments within temperature ranges of -20 to 50 degrees.

Easy to install and connect, the compact LED light tower has been developed with portability and transportation efficiency in mind. Featuring dimensions of 1 160 x 1 160 x 2 500 mm, up to 22 HighLight Z3+ units can be accommodated on a 13-m truck. These rugged light towers are also armed with all-weather protection through a galvanised steel canopy and powder coated paintwork. When it comes to maintenance, the HighLight Z3+ is hassle-free as its parts are easily accessible.

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