Developing mining engineering competence

The African mining industry is steadily embracing digitalisation and automation. Collaboration between government, private companies and educational institutions to help re-skill and upskill individuals already in this field will benefit the industry immensely. Developing the skills of young upcoming professionals in mining, helping them understand the challenges faced by the industry and equipping them to identify solutions that will advance South African mining should be at the core.

Revolutionising the mining industry means leveraging digital technologies that have the potential to make processes simpler, faster and more efficient, improving and increasing mining potential and productivity.

Five things about the Siemens digital mining incubator

The Siemens Digital Mining Incubator (DMI), launched at Wits University’s Tshimologong Digital Innovation precinct does exactly that, it gives students in mining an opportunity to actively play a role in shifting the state of mining in the country, by upskilling them so they can positively contribute to the future of mining.

These are the five things you need to know about the Siemens Digital Mining Incubator:

1. The DMI is a co-creation space

Shaping a different future for mining is the name of the game. The co-creation space merges the energies of young minds in mining with mining and digital technology experts to harness a future that brings value to the South African mining industry.

2. Develops future mining talent and makes industry placements

The aim is to identify a pool of young, talented individuals interested in driving the progression and transformation of digital mining in Africa and rapidly developing their digital skills whilst focusing on output based training to get learners ready for industry. Students participating in the DMI will be trained and then placed within the South African Mining Industry.

3. Places a strong emphasis on the mining Market Demands in Africa

What are the needs of the South African mining industry? The aim of the DMI is to help answer questions like this and find solutions to develop mining in Africa.
Some of the key outcomes for participants at the DMI include the development of new business models, apps and digital use cases in mining based on market demands, deepened domain know-how and digital expertise.

The DMI offers various resources to start-ups focused on digital mining technologies and it assists with the development of products using cutting-edge technologies with the help of domain experts.

4. The DMI is a partner eco-system incubator

Not a standalone facility, the DMI forms part of a small community of innovative teams working towards a common goal that is driven by an agile, more connected future. The focus of the DMI is around building an eco-system of digital partners who work towards co-creating solutions for the mining industry.

5. Showcases Best Practice digital mining use cases

The DMI is an integrated exhibition area showcasing best practice solutions including different mining use cases in mine automation; real-time safety and risk management; Fleet management; and others

Sabine Dall’Omo, Siemens CEO for Southern and Eastern Africa says, “South Africa’s shortage in mining engineering skills makes it imperative for public and private institutions to collaborate in order to advance the digital opportunities that mining has to offer. Through these initiatives and partnerships we could discover some great talents that will take mining in Africa to new heights”.

Enquiries: Keshin Govender. Tel: +27 (0)11 652-2412


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