The Guinea Alumina Corporation (GAC) bauxite mine project in the Boké region of Guinea, West Africa, recently achieved a major construction milestone when the project team safely set the car dumper facility’s 450-ton rotating assembly into its final location.

Fluor is providing engineering and programme management services on the project, which encompasses a 12 Mt/a bauxite mine, a dedicated export terminal in Port Kamsar and rail and other infrastructure upgrades.

Bauxite project achieves construction milestone

The rotating assembly is lowered into position.

The car dumper facility is critical to the mine’s logistics and operations. Bauxite is transported from the mine to the Port Kamsar site by rail, where it is then shipped to customers. At the port, the car dumper facility unloads bauxite from the rail wagons, with the rotating assembly playing a critical part.

It took three days, multiple self-propelled modular transporters and two 750-ton cranes to complete the milestone. The final lift required special preparations in order to hoist the 450-ton assembly over the car dumper facility’s walls and into its final location. A 200-person team, representing 14 different countries and contractors, completed the lift.

“This milestone was achieved due to the collective efforts between the GAC and Fluor project teams,” said Troy Gilson, Fluor’s project director. “It demonstrates the importance of having a strong relationship built around teamwork and trust. This critical milestone was executed safely after six months of detailed planning with a team focused and committed to working ‘Safer Together’.”

The project – which will be completed this year –has thus far worked more than 8 million consecutive hours without a lost-time incident.

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