In its ongoing effort to reach out to potential users of coal ash products, the South African Coal Ash Association (SACAA) has joined forces with the well-respected surface mining industry association, Aspasa.

While the industries derive their products through different means, they share many of the same outlets and in some instances coal ash can be used as a substitute for aggregates in the manufacturing of concrete and construction of roads and other structures. Furthermore, the machinery used to process, load and transport the two products are similar with similar legislation and challenges.

       Mark Hunter, general manager of SACAA.

“With its advanced programs in safety, health and environment, as well as long standing relationships with Government and all other industry stakeholders it makes sense to join a progressive association like Aspasa, which acts with the best interests of its members and the overall industry at heart, says SACAA general manager Mark Hunter.

Growing base

Hunter adds that Aspasa will extend its services in legal compliance, health and safety, technical, engineering, transport, government liaison, environmental, HR, training, public relations, as well as internal and international liaison, to its members.

Aspasa was recognised by peers from the Global Aggregates Information Network (GAIN), representing global quarrying industry associations, as a global leader in the promotion of safer, more sustainable operations in compliance with some of the world’s strictest mining legislation.

                                  Nico Pienaar, Aspasa director.

As a result, the association has drawn the attention of other industries for the sterling work it does among its members and behind the scene working with Government, industry and employee bodies to improve these industries.

In the surface mining industry, Aspasa, which previously represented only sand and aggregate quarrying companies, has had to diversify to include all types of surface mines to accommodate growing calls for assistance and representation from diverse operations who had not previously enjoyed all the benefits broad industry representation.

Promoting ash

Aspasa director, Nico Pienaar, says the association wants to play an active role engaging all stakeholders from the ash producers, to current users and resellers, as well as promoting the use of ash broadly to all levels of industry.

“We welcome members of SACAA and encourage them to make use of our services and engage with us to find ways to promote the safe and responsible use of coal ash,” he concludes.

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