Electronic Motor Protection relays are designed for motor applications where efficiency and reliability are essential. From simple or basic protection to advanced motor protection applications, they use dedicated functions and communication to manage motors more effectively.

Efficient and reliable motor protectionElectronic Motor Protection Relays replace old legacy thermal overload protection units. Electric motor faults occur on a daily basis and Electronic Motor Protection Relays efficiently prevent motor burnouts, saving on costly repairs and replacements, and preventing expensive downtime.

We can summarise the relay’s functionality by saying it provides protection from overload damage based on the motor’s thermal characteristics under loaded motor operation, phase failure due to a short or contact failure, motor slowdown due to load, damage when the motor locks or even motor reversal due to incorrect motor wiring possibly during an installation or replacement.

What you need is sensitive built-in current detection that allows for immediate recognition of phase loss and identification of the trip cause, allowing you to take action to eliminate the fault quickly and effectively even if the motor is running at low loads.

Electronic Motor Protection Relays are superior, utilising real-time precision monitoring and data processing at high speed. The Hyundai HGMP N60I Series Electronic Motor Protection Relay from MCE Electric provides operational reliability with real-time super-fast data processing based on a 32-bit ARM core chipset.

It also utilises Rogowski current transformers that easily surpass conventional CTs providing the high precision measurements required to better protect electric motors.

The N60I will ultimately provide maximum motor runtime under any load. The N60I has multiple protection relay functions complete with overload warnings and a real-time load rate display. The trip history log and intuitive display allow users to analyse, breakdown and effectively troubleshoot problems as they arise. The cumulative operating time counter allows you to effectively plan your motor maintenance schedule and, as we all know, good maintenance is key to operational reliability.

What if the earth leakage becomes damaged or there is some other kind of ground fault? The Hyundai N60I will react within 50 msec tripping the motor instantaneously. You can also set a delay time for a particular motor’s start-up requirements by setting overcurrent protection based on a hot or cold curve. Cold being defined as a period of operation after a period of inactivity and hot after sufficient heat has been applied to the motor for a sustained period.

With the Hyundai N60I you can also perform a live relay test check that does not loose energy to the circuit. The N60I’s reset functionality also allows you to perform a manual reset, electrical reset or automatic reset using the built-in timer.

The N60I is a separated unit comprising the main unit and display unit. The main unit can be set to rail mount or screw type to suit the panel environment. The separate display unit can be installed on the front of the panel for easy monitoring and unit programming.

The Hyundai N60I Electronic Motor Control Protection Relay from MCE Electric delivers superior current reliability, measurement data and motor protection.


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