On route to delivering DB boards, vital components and connections might vibrate loose due to the vibration of the truck and road conditions. Although care should be taken at the factory to ensure that all connections are tightened correctly and bus bar connections torqued at the required setting, it may be necessary to check these connections before commission of the board.

DB maintenance the silent destroyer

George Switchboards suggest that due to the nature of our industry and components we work with, maintenance might be required every six months, specifically to power factor units and circuits that intermittently get energized i.e. outside lighting circuit on a contactor. Have you ever thought that due to the prolonged period of exposure to light vibration at 50 Hz of the cables under load, thermal conditions and the expansion coefficient of metals the connections might loosen and need adjustment? It is healthy for the board to be kept neat and as dust free as possible as well. The internal heat generation of circuits pose a fire hazard when combined with dust which can also damage and shorten the lifespan of components. These factors, however minute, are a problem we face in the electrical industry which makes maintenance of extreme importance to ensure longevity of any components and installations.

George Switchboard Manufacturers has been in existence since 1958. The company provide various products to the energy distribution network, and more specifically, the electrical distribution network across the African continent.

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