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Capital Equipment News APRIL 2021 coverOn the Cover: A fleet of 20+ SANY machines has for the past four years proved its mettle at one of the largest copper mines in Zambia, maintaining high availability in a taxing 24/7/365 operation where downtime is out of the question.

In 2017, Delta Auto & Equipment, the exclusive SANY dealer in Zambia, beat tough competition to secure a contract to supply a fleet of dump trucks, excavators, graders and cranes to one of the largest mining contractors in the country. The fleet has to date clocked nearly 20 000 hours since August 2017, maintaining high availability in a demanding 24/7/365 application. The equipment is deployed at a world-class copper mine located some 100 km west of Solwezi, in Zambia’s Copperbelt region.

Peter Liang, GM of Delta Auto & Equipment, tells Capital Equipment News that the client initially purchased four SANY SRT95C mining dump trucks and three SY750 mining excavators in 2017. A 96,5% machine availability during their first year and an aggressive aftersales support regime were major factors in the mining contractor’s decision to expand its fleet with more SANY SRT95C dump trucks, SY750H and SY500H excavators, as well as  STC1300C truck cranes and SANY graders. 

The mining contractor now operates 11 large SANY excavators, nine dump trucks, three cranes and two SANY graders. Of the 11 excavators, the majority of them are SY750H models deployed to load the SANY SRT95C dump trucks hauling run of mine material from the pit to the dump sites.

“We have mobilised a 15-person aftersales team to provide 24/7 service support to the client. We have also deployed more than US$4-million worth of spare parts on site as consignment stock,” explains Peter. “The service and parts we provide to the client have been instrumental in ensuring high machine availability and reduction of operational costs, thus creating value for the client.”

Long-awaited DAF XF and CF series hit SA shores

Babcock has launched the highly anticipated DAF CF and XF series in southern Africa. The award-winning truck ranges offer ‘pure excellence’ in transport efficiency, driver comfort, safety and total cost of ownership – parameters of sheer significance to every transport operator.

DAF XF DAF CF 04 2021 001

A few years after being crowned International Truck of the Year 2018 by an independent jury of leading road transport journalists from 23 European countries, the long-awaited DAF CF and XF series have finally hit the South African highways following last month’s official launch by Babcock, DAF Trucks’ sole importer and distributor in southern Africa. 

Having grown DAF’s market share exponentially in southern Africa over the past 10 years, Babcock believes that the arrival of the award-winning range and Europe’s number one truck tractor in terms of market share, gives the company the edge to gain further traction in the local extra heavy commercial vehicle market. Apart from the International Truck of the Year 2018 accolade, the DAF XF series was elected the Fleet Truck of the Year 2019 at the prestigious MT Awards in the United Kingdom.

Mark Gavin, sales director for Transport Solutions at Babcock, says the new XF and CF series are launched under the ‘pure excellence’ theme. “Pure excellence for us is a combination of six different parameters: uptime, total cost of ownership, safety, comfort, the environment, and most importantly, the driver,” explains Gavin, adding that the new DAF trucks are not merely upgrades or facelifts of the previous models, but are completely new vehicles, showcasing improved chassis, cabs, gearboxes and engines.

Scania’s 10% fuel gains offset maintenance costs for transport operators

Given that fuel costs can equate to over a third of transport companies’ total operating costs, the proven 10% fuel saving on Scania’s New Generation truck range boosts profitability for transport operators. With these fuel cost savings, Scania customers can offset their maintenance costs.

Scania New Generation 04 2021 001

Like many other sectors of the economy, the effects of COVID-19 are being felt across the transportation sector. To put it bluntly, the economic and operational effects of the pandemic on the trucking industry have been challenging and devastating. Industry experts warn that the true storm for the trucking sector may not be over yet, and the effects witnessed to date may be warning signs of what’s yet to come.

South Africa’s transport industry is adjusting to a new normal as the effects of the COVID-19 restrictions have changed traditional supply chain models, customer behaviour, government infrastructure funding and long-established business models. As the economy contracts, transport industry operators face multiple business challenges, including rising operating costs, increased fuel prices, decreasing revenues and tighter margins.

“Scania has always been at the forefront of setting new standards in sustainable logistics solutions,” says Nomonde Kweyi, GM Marketing & Communications, Scania Southern Africa. “Improving the quality of our products while continuously refining every part of our supply chain eliminates waste and allows us to significantly reduce operating costs for our customers.”

At a time when the trucking industry is facing increasing demands for sustainable and cost-effective operation, Scania’s New Truck Generation is setting new benchmarks in total cost of ownership, providing customers with sustainable cost-efficiencies, and securing them a competitive advantage in their industries in these tough operating conditions.

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