On 1 September 2020, the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), which is also a founding member of the Organisation for International Standardization (ISO), will celebrate its 75th year of developing national standards, providing quality assessment services and the testing of advanced materials and products in South Africa.

In April 2019, Marechal Electric launched its first switch disconnector 40 A and first separable switch disconnector, EVO, allowing users to safely connect and disconnect devices. Switch, disconnector and connector – it merges three products in one, for easier use and less volume. EVO’s creation was in line with the company’s desire to increase safety for users and installations. Its infallible mechanism allows opening and separation, even if there is an over-intensity or overvoltage default.

By Danie Esterhuizen, ECA(SA) First Vice-President

It is a warm summer afternoon and you have just shown your son how the electric lawnmower works. He is demonstrating his newly acquired skill when the unthinkable happens: he accidentally cuts through the electrical cord and falls to the ground. He has received an electrical shock and is rushed to hospital. This is not something we think about until it happens to us! Why did he receive an electrical shock?

The Actum Group is thrilled to announce that its hero brand, Band-It, contributed to the triumphant launch of the recent SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket to the International Space Station on 30 May 2020. Band-It ties were used to provide Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding on cables for the International Space Station and its supply rockets and crew capsules.

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