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Construction World March 2020 1ON THE COVER: The local construction market will once again benefit from another new addition to the already comprehensive range (over 100 models available, including our Twin Battery 18 V+18 V = 36 range) of Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless tools.

The new 18 V LXT Cordless DTR180Z Rebar Tying Tool will dramatically increase production for users in the precast, concrete construction and steel industries. This new model has a brushless motor that produces less friction and heat, therefore providing higher operating efficiency and increasing the output power and work amount on a single full battery charge.

“Time to revitalise construction sector is now “

Concor’s new CEO, Lucas Tseki, is urging national and provincial governments to accelerate the awarding of infrastructure projects as a matter of urgency.

Speaking to Construction World, Tseki, who took up the reins at Concor in December 2019, emphasises that the construction sector is ready to respond – but has taken a severe beating during the extended slump. The industry needs to rebuild its capacity, a process that must start as soon as possible.

“Through the skilled stewardship of our management team and the loyalty and hard work of all employees, we are well positioned for 2020 and beyond,” he says. “We can boast a robust balance sheet, due to our conservative approach and strong risk management.”

Concors new CEO Lucas Tseki

Getting ‘in the frame’

The Southern African Light Steel Frame Association (SASFA) has become a beacon of inspiration, source of support and an empowering network for its members. Professionals in the industry - from building and construction contractors and sub-contractors to designers, power tool manufacturers, architects and engineers - find value in SASFA membership, in what is undeniably a challenging time of economic constraint and change for the construction, steel and building sectors locally.

SASFA has become a beacon of inspiration

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