Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa is now offering a first in South Africa – a portable “plug & play” lubrication storage and dispensing unit called the isoPOD.

lubrication storage and dispensing pods now available from lubrication engineers“This unit is ready for use and designed so that customers can simply attach their own air supply and install their lubrication containers,” says Callum Ford, National Marketing Manager at LE South Africa. “It’s a secure pod that ensures controllable access to valuable lubricants, as well as keeping them clean and dry during storage and dispensing.”

This is important, given that LE has found that 90% of lubrication contamination happens before the lubricant is even applied to the relevant machinery. “We can also supply a range of designs with options available to suit customers’ exact requirements. The isoPOD requires minimal site preparation and is quick to install. Best of all, the isoPOD is portable, so it can be moved when you need to move or expand.”

The e10 Series isoPOD has a capacity for the storage and dispensing of up to 4x lubrication storage containers of 4 000 litres each. “It’s designed specifically for dispensing high volumes of lubricants via hose reels and hand nozzles,” says Ford. “The e10 Series is perfect for operations seeking a fast, flexible and cost effective lubrication storage and dispensing solution without the need to design and build costly permanent structures.”

“Lubrication storage is much simpler with the isoPOD units, which are modular and can be built on to one another to increase storage space as required,” says Ford. “These units protect lubricants from dust, light and the elements, ensuring they are stored and dispensed safely. For companies looking to extend lubrication intervals and equipment life, and significantly reduce equipment wear, energy use, downtime and maintenance through improving their lubrication, but without needing to construct a permanent lubrication store room, the isoPOD is worth considering.”

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