By Simon Thomas, an international consultant and board member of Megapipes Solutions Limited

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Johannesburg (SA), February 9th, 2022, Megapipes Solutions Ltd has introduced manufactured treatment facilities used for treating sewage water known as Weholite packaged wastewater treatment plants.

Megapipes Solutions introduces innovative Weholite Packaged Wastewater Treatment Plants to the Kenyan market

The packaged plants, which will be manufactured at Megapipes factory, will enable the safe treatment of sewage and wastewater discharged from high density residential, industrial, commercial, retail and hospitality properties.

The treatment plants are manufactured using Weholite technology, and are a far more environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to the more commonly used septic tanks. In fact, the treated water discharged from the plants far exceeds NEMA requirements.

“Weholite packaged wastewater treatment plants are uniquely designed to satisfy customer requirements and are easy to install especially in remote areas and heavily populated areas such as informal settlements where safe disposal of sewage is a challenge,” said Simon Thomas, Country Director Megapipes Solutions Ltd.

“The growing population and rapid urbanisation is expected to put further pressure on the existing infrastructure making the case for the use of packaged wastewater treatment plants” added Thomas.

Data from the Water Services Regulatory Board indicates that sewerage coverage or the population with direct connection to a sewer as a percentage of the total population stood at 15 percent in 2020 with 24 out of 47 counties lacking proper access.

Megapipes Solutions is also targeting developers and property users that want to reduce maintenance costs such as exhauster fees, since these plants only need emptying once or twice per year, reducing the demand on municipal treatment facilities, and reducing operational costs for the owner.

The lightweight nature of Weholite also makes it easy to install with minimal disruption to communities and at the same time off-site manufacturing enables high quality standards to be maintained.

Thomas suggested that “manufacturing the Weholite packaged wastewater treatment plants in World class factory conditions gives us the ability to deliver to site a plug and play system, made with high quality and accuracy, that can be installed in hours. This avoids the high cost, high-risk, low-quality site construction that plagues this sector.”

Weholite technology has a service life of over 100 years when buried below ground.

After design, the products are manufactured at Megapipes Solutions’ factory and then transported to the construction site for installation and commissioning thus following the “build offsite” philosophy commonly seen in Europe.

Each Weholite packaged wastewater treatment plant is manufactured to serve at least 25 users and its modular construction means that it can be scaled to handle over well over 1,000 users.

Megapipes Solutions has already installed a Weholite wastewater packaged plant at its Ruiru-based factory that is designed to serve at least 100 people.

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