A dynamic new partnership with LenExcCo now allows the Dekra Institute of Learning (IOL) to offer occupational health-related hygiene and environmental surveys to clients across all industries, including processing and manufacturing. The importance of these surveys is underscored by the fact that employers are actually required by law to conduct these, in order to protect the well-being of employees.

New hygiene and environmental solutions survey offering from DekraChristopher Mörsner, Head of the Training Division at Dekra IOL, says: “Dekra IOL is part of a 97-year-old international company, which in line with its operational ethos exists to be ‘the global partner for a safer world’.

Therefore, monitoring and advising on quality and safety considerations plays a key role in this arena. The new arrangement with LenExCo enables us to offer these important surveys, which assist with the long-term protection of workers - and is critically important for their well-being in the workplace.”

Mörsner notes that it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that employees’ safety and well-being at work is considered. In the longer term, this also has a positive effect on their productivity.

“Over time, factors and situations which are not managed correctly can have a lasting effect on the health of workers,” he explains. “Conversely, however, being proactive and managing the workplace environment correctly tends to have a positive effect on employees - which can ultimately improve productivity and hence the employer’s bottom line.

To give a relatively simple example: ventilation surveys measure whether or not there are adequate airflow and oxygen levels in the workplace. When the airflow is not adequate, a lack of oxygen will make people feel tired and lethargic, and the resulting fatigue will lower productivity.”

Mörsner clarifies that the occupational health-related hygiene and environmental surveys Dekra IOL is now able to offer include the following: noise surveys, which are due annually according to the Occupational Health and Safety Act in SA; dust suppression surveys; air quality surveys, which involve monitoring dust and / hazardous chemicals, pollutants or contaminants in the air which workers may be exposed to; luminance testing, which analyses levels of lighting in the workplace, both internally and externally; ventilation surveys; occupational hygiene surveys, for example of kitchens, general housekeeping, the physical footprint or layout of the facility, medical facilities such as first aid assistance and so on; and ergonomics surveys.

“We are very pleased to be able to provide this new pivotal new offering in partnership with LenExCo,” he says. “Dekra is a well-known name within the local health and safety sector, and this new relationship allows us to close the health and safety loop in terms of our offerings. It is also consistent with our ethos, whereby we believe that each of our offerings should support the next one. As such, it adds a new solution to Dekra IOL’s overall strategy and market offering, by allowing us to provide our existing clients with a one-stop, holistic health and safety training service.

Furthermore, because legislation requires these occupational health-related hygiene and environmental surveys across all industries - as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act - we can also anticipate opening up new business opportunities. To this end, I am pleased to report that we are already servicing some new clients with this environmental survey offering.”

Lené Hugo, Managing Director of LenExCo, adds: “We pride ourselves on the value of our offerings, and are confident that Dekra will be proud to be associated with us. Our company motto is service excellence, and we offer world-class service and exceptional reporting. I believe that our reports are a true value-add for industry, as they focus on the relevant details, and include discussion points and mitigating actions to allow the client to achieve the required compliance.

Every report that gets sent out has our signature on it, which indicates that our work has been completed to the highest standard and meticulously checked. I believe that joining hands with Dekra IOL will open doors for both parties by expanding our joint client bases, and will in addition assist LenExCo to extend our geographical footprint.”

“This is a hugely exciting new stage for Dekra IOL, and a logical extension of our existing offering. I wish LenExCo all the best with our new joint venture and I look forward to working with them and am confident that their experience, integrity and expertise will enhance our offering to our clients going forward,” Mörsner concludes.

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