The Pick n Pay Eastport installation is a significant distribution center located in the north-eastern part of Eastport Logistics Park. Spanning an impressive 164,000 square meters, the facility is strategically situated with direct access from the R21 Expressway, providing convenient transportation routes.

Sewtreat implements innovative water management solutions at Pick n Pays Eastport Logistics ParkThe overall purpose of the Pick n Pay Eastport installation is to streamline the distribution and logistics operations of the supermarket chain. By having a large and well-equipped distribution centre, Pick n Pay can efficiently manage its inventory, ensure product availability, and facilitate timely deliveries to its stores. This installation plays a crucial role in supporting Pick n Pay's operations in providing a diverse range of grocery products to its customers while maintaining product quality and freshness.

Sewtreat, a leading provider of water management solutions, has successfully completed two groundbreaking projects at Pick n Pay's Eastport Logistics Park. The projects involved the implementation of innovative rainwater harvesting and biological water treatment systems, resulting in significant cost savings and impressive payback periods.

Rainwater Harvesting and Treatment System

Sewtreat's rainwater harvesting system collects and treats 300 000 litres of rainwater for use in the cooling plant. The system includes a 3 000 000-liter dam for ample rainwater collection, a 1 000 000-liter underground sump for clean and safe water storage, and sustainable water utilisation for the cooling plant. By utilising rainwater, Pick n Pay minimizes dependence on expensive municipal water sources, promotes responsible water management, and contributes to environmental conservation. The system saves over R2 500 000 annually and has a payback period of only 22 months.

Biological Water Treatment System

Sewtreat's biological water treatment system processes and reuses over 150,000 liters of wastewater from the on-site truck wash bay. With a state-of-the-art biological water treatment plant, the system ensures effective treatment and purification, and the treated wash bay water can be reused on-site, minimizing water consumption. The system optimizes wastewater treatment, reduces environmental impact, and adheres to regulatory requirements. The system saves over R2 200 000 annually and has a payback period of only 14 months.

Ongoing Operation and Maintenance

Sewtreat provides comprehensive operation and maintenance services for the implemented systems, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability. The company continuously monitors and optimizes the performance of the systems, and its team of experienced professionals provides reliable support whenever needed.

Experience Sustainable Water Management with Sewtreat

Sewtreat's completed projects at Pick n Pay's Eastport Logistics Park demonstrate the company's commitment to innovative and sustainable water management solutions. By choosing Sewtreat's rainwater harvesting and biological water treatment systems, Pick n Pay has achieved remarkable cost savings and payback periods. With Sewtreat's ongoing operation and maintenance services, businesses can achieve significant savings and contribute to a greener future.

The two projects at Pick n Pay Eastport Logistics Park, the rainwater harvesting system and the wastewater treatment plant, together result in combined annual savings of over R4.7 million. These savings are substantial and highlight the economic benefits of investing in sustainable water solutions. Moreover, the water conservation impact is equally impressive. The annual water savings amount to 238 million litres, which is equivalent to 95 Olympic-sized swimming pools. Alternatively, this volume of water can provide for 380 000 households with water.

Contact Sewtreat today to learn more about its water management solutions and how the company can help businesses achieve significant savings.

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