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Whether it’s for homes or offices, space is at a premium these days. As living and working spaces have become smaller, a number of innovative companies have come up with solutions to save space. These range from compact, modular furniture solutions such as a small cube that turns into a coffee table and stools, to a new modular and temporary means of construction.

Strongly resembling Lego blocks, EverBlocks are universal multi-coloured building blocks that can be used to create a variety of structures that are easy to disassemble and reshape. Need a new partition in your office? No drywall, glass or plaster required. Want an extra room in your house? Just build it yourself.

“Like the toys of our childhood, which enabled us to express ourselves and realize [sic] our vision in physical products, EverBlock was conceived to allow designers, decorators, and inventors everywhere to economically build their dream objects,” EverBlock Systems says on its website. “What you construct is limited only by your imagination.”

EverBlock was recently launched in South Africa, opening the doors to creative furniture and room designs in homes, workplaces and exhibition spacesacross the country. The EverBlock System consists of four universal parts – a full sized 12" block, a 6" half-sized block, a 3" one-quarter sized block, and a 12" finishing cap that all interlock. Reinforcement pins, shelving units, a desktop unit, doorway lintels, and a stabilising foot are also available. The EverBlocks come in 12 standard colours, including gold and silver.

Anything constructed with EverBlocks can be taken apart and re-assembled again, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects. EverBlocks can be rented or purchased outright.

At this point, it’s hard to tell whether this building solution will take off as a permanent fixture or will be a fad, but it holds much potential. If cost-effective enough, it could even become a solution for South Africa’s housing crisis. A shell of a building can be constructed in the usual manner, with interior rooms built with EverBlocks. In South Africa’s rural schools, many of which need additional classrooms, students could even build their learning spaces themselves.

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