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Electricity Control October 20171It’s really great when good stories find their way to us… and this month there are several. Susan Buitendag of Endress+Hauser shows how Big Data can assist the mining industry with the challenges of abundant data in mining operations. Frank Walde of Phoenix Contact introduces the flexible Adaptive Software Platform – a tool that combines the important functions of an automation solution.

Our Cables feature has Frank Rothermund discussing how rapidly robotics is developing – and Eldon Kruger of Pratley highlighting the genius of George Montague Pratley’s invention – the Cable Gland with a Virtual Thread. Harald Nehring of igus writes about ‘smart plastics’ which detect machine failures in good time. The Copper Development Association Africa (CDDA) reminds us how important it is to have a clear understanding of earthing principles – this is an extract from training material developed for the South African electrical sector.

Nikhil Naidoo, Energy Efficiency Engineer at Ensight Energy Solutions, discusses the strengths and weaknesses of alternating current (ac) and direct current (dc). Fluke Corporation offers ideas on how pressure calibration can be simplified by using a particular automatic press calibrator.

Nenne Nordström of Gasmet Technologies shares information on FTIR (Fourier Transform InfraRed spectroscopy analysers for process control and emissions monitoring.

Thank you to all who contributed articles for the October 2017 issue.

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Articles in Electricity + Control October 2017

  • Analytical instrumentation

Our Instruments are Ready for IIoT; Are Your Processes Ready’?   Susan Buitendag, Endress+Hauser

How can Big Data help mining companies master the many challenges they face?


  • Control systems + automation

PC Worx Engineer: Adaptive Software Platform   Dipl. Ing. (FH) Frank Walde, Phoenix Contact

Pay only for the services that you need to implement your automation project.

The IoT can make a major impact on Africa   Bradley Hemphill, EES Live

The IoT and the global technological revolution, the Fourth Industrial Revolution, are profoundly transforming client interactions.

New cyber security system for oil and gas industry   Davinder Harcharan, Siemens

A revolutionary early-warning system to protect the industrial control systems of the oil and gas industry has been designed.

Future of manufacturing   Mike Vincent, Deloitte Consulting

Manufacturers who want to compete successfully on a global scale should be increasing their investment in IoT infrastructure or run the risk of becoming redundant in the global village.

Powering Nigeria’s global economic rise   Information provided by Siemens

The Azuro Edo Independent Power Project will make electricity more easily accessible to the entire Nigerian population by ramping up and streamlining the power generation capacity.


  • Cables + accessories

Rotating and Turning   Frank Rothermund, Lapp GmbH

Robots are becoming more compact and agile and cable manufacturers need to design cables that meet the growing requirements.

A Cable Gland with a Virtual Thread   Eldon Kruger, Pratley

The Adjustable Cable Gland, invented by George Montague Pratley, is adjustable and it has a virtual thread.

When e-Chains Carry Sensors   Harald Nehring, igus GmbH

‘isense’ has been developed for ‘intelligent components for the factory of the future’.


  • Earthing + lightning protection

Earthing for South African Conditions   Information provided by Copper Development Association Africa

A clear understanding of earthing principles is becoming increasingly important.

Comparison Between ac and dc in Power Transmission   Mikhil Naidoo, Ensight Energy Solutions

Both alternating current (ac) and direct current (dc) present their own strengths and weaknesses which need to be considered along with the changing technologies in power transmission.


  • Pressure + level measurement

4 Common Pressure Calibration Pain Points   Information provided by Fluke Corporation

Performing a proper pressure calibration requires equipment and connectors that are dependable.

FTIR Spectroscopy For a Variety of Industrial Applications   Nenne Nordström, Gasmet Technologies

FTIR spectroscopy is the most popular analytical technology for industrial applications requiring the continuous measurement of multiple parameters simultaneously.

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