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Electricity and Control November 2017What’s in it for YOU!

We have some wonderful insights in our November 2017 issue of Electricity+Control. New author in our magazine, Goran Novkovic, who promotes cybersecurity for critical infrastructure and manufacturing through public-speaking, blogs and articles, discusses the ‘Converging IT/OT environment’ and ways of protecting critical infrastructure within this environment.

Kevin Pillay of Siemens Africa, gives an interesting perspective on Africa’s ‘Mobility Revolution’ and how great the need is for Intelligent Mobility on the Continent.

Editors from Crown Publications visited Shaw Controls, manufacturer of E-houses and Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and found the experience fascinating.

There is an assessment of the performance achieved by a Northern Cape PV plant after the first year of operation.

Cargill discusses the recent trend that has emerged that shows how utility companies are increasingly turning to natural ester fluids to help them capture the operating efficiencies they need to remain competitive.

Heat Tracing is an interesting topic in our Temperature measurement feature showing that electrical heat tracing and steam heat tracing play an important role in maintaining temperatures.

A new generation of temperature controllers from Omron are designed to achieve optimal and automatic temperature control without human intervention and Mecosa describes how precise temperature control assures high quality steel.

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Articles in the November 2017 issue:


ABB releases a new generation drive to ensure the secure flow of water and wastewater.


  • Control systems + automation

Protecting Critical Infrastructure in Africa in a Converging IT/OT Environment   Goran Novkovic, Valiver

Are cybersecurity incidents and attacks closer to you than you would like to think?

Intelligent Approach to Africa’s Mobility Revolution   Kevin Pillay, Siemens Africa

Inefficiencies in the transport systems in many African countries affect the countries’ ability to attract and maintain investment. So where do we begin?


  • Drives, motors + switchgear

A Morning at Shaw Controls in Joburg South   Crown Publication visits…

A fascinating tour of the Shaw Controls workshops gives insight into how E-houses and MCCs are built.


  • Plant maintenance, test + measurement

Performance of 500 kWp PV Plant – One Year After   Jaco Bergh, Brand Engineering

An assessment of the performance which can be achieved by a PV plant after the first year of operation.

Natural Ester Fluids: New Tool for Operational Gains   Information provided by Cargill Industrial Specialists

Changing marketplace forces have power companies looking to natural ester fluids as a transformer coolant and insulating fluid that can help them capture cost efficiencies and improve performance.


  • Temperature measurement

Heat Tracing – Choosing the Right System   Giles Maynard, eltherm South Africa

Heat tracing plays a critical role in the temperature maintenance of a myriad of applications.

Temperature Controllers Embrace the Era of AI   Information provided by Omron

Omron has introduced their E5_D series – the next generation of controllers built on the successful E5_C platform.

Precise Temperature Control assures High Quality Steel   Information provided by Mecosa

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