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Electricity and Control November 2018

In this constantly evolving industry the one thing, besides change, that remains certain is the need for reliable, up-to-date information. With this in mind, Electricity + Control continues to strive towards delivering content that keeps up with all the evolutions and revolutions that characterise the industry we serve.

Our November issue discusses the importance of preventative maintenance in the prevention of switchgear malfunction. We also pay a visit to a Western Cape Municipality that has designed one of the country’s largest pump and turbine stations to be used for water reticulation to the nearby town of Paarl.

We delve into the evolution of digitalisation and its profound impact on the healthcare industry and explore new real-time communication technologies for industrial automation

Further to this, we also examine the need for more stringent safety measures within power plants and discuss the role of sensors and remote monitoring in enabling smarter renewables.  

As always, we also keep readers up to date on the latest product news and pertinent industry happenings.



Suiting up for switchgear

Gabriel Paoletti, Eaton

Switchgear is a critical part of every utility's power distribution system; and, as such, any malfunction can be catastrophic. Utilities can take these power system components for granted, mistakenly believing that the switchgear will continue to run without any attention or maintenance.



Advancing power generation with pumps and turbines

Anett Kriel, KSB Pumps and Valves

A technical team serving the requirements of the Drakenstein Municipality in the Western Cape has designed one of the country’s largest pump and turbine stations to be used for water reticulation to the nearby town of Paarl in dry periods, and as turbines to generate electricity for the city during the remainder of the year.



Digital transformation: key to next generation healthcare in Africa

 Information provided by Ruckus Networks

The benefits of the digital revolution to the healthcare sector in Africa are enormous, yet many perspectives must be considered if it is to prove successful.

Digitalisation – the evolutionary approach

Peter Middleton of Crown Publications visits the Rockwell Automation stand at Electra Mining Africa (EMA) and talks to the company’s South African MD, Barry Elliott, who presents a slower, evolutionary approach to digitalisation.

Exploring new real-time communication technologies for industrial automation

Dr. Guido Beckmann and Thomas Rettig, Beckhoff Automation

Secure, standards-based data and information exchange – not just in and across devices, machines and services, but also within production lines and between manufacturing facilities – is a core challenge facing Industrie 4.0 and IoT initiatives today.



Next evolution plant safety

John McCormick, Fossil Operations

Although workplace safety within the power sector has plateaued over the past decade, and significant strides have been made to protect workers, the industry cannot claim victory until it can drive the injury rate to zero.



Sensors and remote monitoring enable smarter renewables

John TA Miller and Doug Young, Black & Veatch

Growing investment in renewable energy and distributed energy resources (DER) is creating opportunities for ongoing modernisation of the grid – and the effort shows no signs of letting up. System upgrades are pressing on worldwide to support the increase in renewable energy while making infrastructure smarter and more resilient.

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