Beckhoff Automation, based in Verl, Germany, will supply the BMW Group, worldwide, with industrial PC (IPC) technology for use in its car manufacturing facilities through to 2030. This recently signed agreement means that Beckhoff IPC technology will become a global standard for the BMW Group.

Beckhoff industrial control for car manufacturer BMW

Panel PCs, control panels and industrial PCs from Beckhoff are used in car manufacturing all over the world.

Beckhoff’s industrial PCs and multi-touch control panels will be used – in new automotive manufacturing facilities and for retrofits – for machine connectivity, access control, data acquisition, visualisation and other PC-based tasks. All product categories from Beckhoff’s industrial PC portfolio will be used: IP65-rated CP32xx panel PCs, C6030 ultra-compact IPCs, C5240 19-inch slide-in IPCs, and CP29xx multi-touch built-in control panels.

Standard Beckhoff products will be used, adapted to some extent to ensure optimum retrofitting in existing plants and to include customer-specific key extensions. The comprehensive Beckhoff product portfolio offers the BMW Group the ability to use the latest Intel® Core™ I processor series in a wide range of IPC form factors. On account of the rapid innovation cycles and interoperability within the portfolio, upcoming processor generations will be simple to integrate in future as well.

The bundling of all product development steps at Beckhoff, from IPC motherboard and BIOS development to mechanical adaptations, enables optimal solutions to customer-specific requirements. In combination with full control over the added-value chain based on in-house assembly and production in Verl, Beckhoff offers an ideal infrastructure for a long-term partnership. In addition, its globally available services provide support for customers' manufacturing facilities around the world.

For more information visit: www.beckhoff.co.za

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