Smart manufacturing practices making use of connected technology hold the power to improve efficiency and optimise factory operations. However, with the increased use of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) comes the threat of a cyber breach. To ensure that its customers can make a safe digital transition, Schneider Electric has built in cybersecurity measures to its latest motor control solution.

TeSys island is a new, innovative load management solution that makes machines smarter and more reliable while ensuring that the benefits of connectivity do not present vulnerabilities to the customer’s industrial network. The solution makes use of Achilles Level 2 protection and safety up to Cat 4. It is designed to switch, protect and manage motors and other electrical loads up to 80 Amps (AC3) in an electrical control panel.

Schneider Electric TeSys island installed on rack RZ

TeSys island from Schneider Electric is a new motor control and load management solution with built-in cybersecurity measures and advanced diagnostics.

Simplified system integration

For intuitive customisation of machines, TeSys island features a catalogue of 40 TeSys avatars – similar to a digital twin – which represent a range of pre-configured functions to simplify PLC programming. The TeSys island bus coupler, with embedded programming, provides for reduced PLC programming time and is easy to use. Seamless integration is achieved through function blocks in the EcoStruxure architecture as well as that of PLCs from other major automation players, simplifying system integration so users can get up and running more quickly. Additionally, application selection and system configuration are simplified, and engineering tasks are reduced, enabling faster machine installation.

Advanced diagnostics and maintenance

EcoStruxure Machine Advisor, part of the EcoStruxure Apps & Analytics architecture, features a dashboard that displays energy consumption and other critical data for C-level and plant managers, as well as advanced diagnostics on particular issues. The system makes it possible to track, monitor and increase system performance remotely and conduct maintenance outside operational hours.

Using EcoStruxure Augmented Operator Advisor, the operator or maintenance service is provided with easy, secure access to the live data of the machine while it is in operation, as well as datasheets, tutorials and other documents that are used during operation or maintenance.

TeSys island provides device-related data that enables the end-user to make informed decisions ahead of time, with pre-alarms that help reduce machine stoppages and downtime. If a breakdown does occur, the system enables fast prescription of spare parts using QR codes and device replacement via embedded functions and SD cards.

Enabling digital transformation

Christo Kotze, Offer Marketing Manager for Tesys at Schneider Electric South Africa, says, “As a leader in reliable, sustainable and efficient motor control, we have a responsibility to provide industry with automation solutions they can trust. By ensuring cyber protection, reducing installation time and enabling integration into third-party automation systems, we are assisting industry customers to reap the rewards of a smart factory.”

Delivered through its EcoStruxure architecture, Schneider Electric’s IIoT technologies, including integrated software, are ready for smart manufacturing and can deliver new business opportunities for plants and machine builders – increasing profitability and productivity.

For more information visit Schneider Electric South Africa: www.se.com/za

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