Working at home is what many people are doing right now. To meet this shift, EPLAN is offering a number of online services, including webcasts that provide users with specific practical support. Remote consulting and meetings with its consultants via video conferencing is another service EPLAN is offering companies – augmented by helpful online sessions from the EPLAN technical teams.

EPlan 26493 Bernd Schewior

Bernd Schewior, EPLAN Vice President Professional Services.

Around four hundred participants took part in the first three German webcasts on the topic ‘EPLAN and working at home’, indicating the demand for customer support. EPLAN is reacting positively to the changing market conditions by putting together a whole package of digital offerings, now being implemented. These include the webcasts, where users receive very practical support in their changed everyday working world. Topics such as remote access to EPLAN software, VPN connections to company networks, or cloned master data were covered in the one-hour webcasts. These are now available as video streams, accessible via the EPLAN website.

Another webcast series on the topic ‘More efficient use of EPLAN Platform and new engineering methods’ is also on the agenda, covering topics such as automation in panel building and switchgear system engineering, PLM integration, and macro technology in EPLAN Electric P8. EPLAN is offering these webcasts free of charge to give users the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the topics or to take a deeper dive into them.

Until recently, onsite personal consultation has been the standard, especially for services such as training and consulting. EPLAN customers now take advantage of consulting services digitally via video conference.  Remote consulting services can be used to take a closer look at a company´s processes and to be proactive in implementing optimisation that may be long overdue.

Bernd Schewior, EPLAN Vice President Professional Services, says, “Our goal is to be available for EPLAN users at any time. Right now we’re offering online meetings and remote services where we are answering customers’ questions in real time. This service was added at the start of the year and has already become an integral part of our training programme to become an EPLAN Certified Engineer.”

For more information visit: www.eplan.co.za see solutions.eplan.co.za/en-za/technical, or e-mail: info@eplan.co.za

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