"When one trade show after the other was cancelled, it quickly became clear to us: we should create our own trade show and share it with the world from Cologne," explains Frank Blase, CEO of igus GmbH.

At its headquarters in Cologne, igus built a 400 square-metre trade show stand and placed it on the Internet at www.igus.eu/virtualexhibition.  At the individual stations, visitors can make use of displays, films and texts to immerse themselves in the world of motion plastics. Links take the visitor to more detailed technical information and videos on the website.

The user can click on the link for their own virtual walk through of the exhibition or may book an appointment for a consultant to guide them through what they would like to see.

Anyone wishing to obtain specific, detailed information can make an appointment and, together with a customer consultant, can take a tour of the stations on the virtual trade show stand. Book a guided tour, download the 2020 new catalogue and more here.

Revolutionary autoglide 5 system, no need for a guide trough

Many users rely on busbar systems for power and data transmission in tight, compact spaces and for fast lane movements, for example, in storage and retrieval units. The major disadvantages are that they are expensive to maintain, can only be used for power transmission as standard and must be cleaned regularly to avoid contact faults. igus has now developed the autoglide 5 to be able to safely guide horizontal cables at speeds of up to 4 m/s and up to 80 m travel distance without a trough.

Revolutionary autoglide 5 system no need for a guide trough

igus has developed the autoglide 5 to guide horizontal cables fast, safely and up to 80 m travel distance without a trough.

"The autoglide 5 can easily be installed in the aisle on a rope or a profile. It is above all attractive with its low price, an 88 per cent shorter installation time compared to trough systems and its maintenance-free operation," explains Christian Strauch, Industry Manager Intralogistics at igus. "Thus the new energy supply offers a real alternative to the busbar systems." It is also easy to disconnect, move and re-install for temporary installations or short-term contracts.

New cable reel with worm guide ensures more safety

Long cables and hoses are needed to flexibly use tools and operating panels in production. However, these are often strewn across the hall floor without any protection and constitute a tripping hazard.

The new e spool flex cable reel from igus provides for greater safety in the workplace

The new e-spool flex cable reel from igus provides for greater safety in the workplace.

Cable reels with slip rings offer a solution for energy transmission, but are often only available as a complete package with a new cable. The fast transmission of large amounts of data and media is also very complicated with slip rings. This is why igus has now developed the e-spool flex, a cable reel with a worm guide. The new cable winder does not require a slip ring at all, so bus cables and hoses for air and liquids can be guided without interruption.

 "The user can easily install his existing cable in the system. This saves costs and increases the safety of the workplace," explains Jörg Ottersbach, Head of the e-chains Business Unit at igus GmbH.

This is a small sample of new and innovative motion plastic products designed with the igus slogan in mind: "Cost down, Life up. It’s our job".

For more information contact Igus SA.

Telephone: +27 (0)11 312 1848 or visit: https://www.igus.co.za/

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