The Optibag system identifies colour-coded garbage bags and mechanical ejectors to route them to downstream stations.

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Beckhoff Envac OptibagThe Optibag concept is quite simple: Participating households receive garbage bags in different colours for different kinds of waste, such as green for compost, red for paper, blue for composite materials, and so forth. All bags wind up in the same chute or container and are picked up by the same truck. Once they arrive at the waste processing plant, they are dumped onto conveyor belts and routed to the camera systems. The cameras read the colour of each bag, and a mechanical ejector pushes the bags onto the appropriate conveyor belt, which takes them to a container or directly to a processing facility. Each line processes approximately nine tons of garbage per hour.

Take note

• Garbage recycling and conversion into biogas are major contributors toward environmental protection.
• Truck trips to collect waste from separate bins for different materials release harmful CO2 into the atmosphere.
• Using Beckhoff’s Embedded PC and EtherCAT Servo Drives, Swedish company, Envac Optibag, has developed a solution that is simple and intelligent.

Download the full article on Powerful Embedded PC Automates Recycling Processes in PDF format.

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