As part of its Digital Enterprise SPS Dialogue, Siemens introduced Analyse MyDrives Edge, its first edge application for drives. This development demonstrates how edge computing can make Sinamics drive systems more intelligent and offers users and machine builders additional benefits.

Siemens data exchange between drives and the edge

Siemens Digital Industries’ new edge application for drives allows users of machines and industry applications to access and analyse data already collected in the drive.

Analyse MyDrives Edge is being launched with basic functionalities similar to the proven Mindsphere application of Analyse MyDrives, and will be enhanced with intelligent features based on high-frequency data exchange. The edge application thus allows users of machines and industry applications to perform complex analyses of data already collected in the drive. Machine learning and AI algorithms on which the edge application is based identify patterns and detect anomalies and their causes, providing timely indications of any required machine maintenance. This minimises downtime and reduces the consumption of resources.

With the Drive System Framework, Siemens offers the broad framework that allows users to connect the Sinamics drive systems to the Industrial Edge platform. In addition to pure connectivity, the Drive System Framework allows the management of the drive systems connected to the edge platform. For example, machine builders and users can change parameters or perform firmware updates. In future it should also be possible to configure the simulation model, that is, the digital twin of the drive system in the machine.

By connecting Sinamics frequency converters to the Industrial Edge platform, Siemens is helping to pave the way for new business models. With intelligent drive technology, machine builders can, for example, provide user-specific application solutions and digital services, or guarantee the availability of a machine by contract.

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