Mwali Kawawa and Lebohang Molotsi of Air Liquide visit the fabrication facilities of SE Steel Fabrication to find out about the advantages of using of ArcalTM Speed shielding gas.

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Shielding gas protects the weld pool from the atmosphere and an incorrect selection of shielding may result in detrimental effects on the weld quality, production costs and operational efficiencies.

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Exclusively manufactured and supplied by Air Liquide, the ArcalTM New Generation range of shielding gases consists of only four gases that are suitable for covering the majority of welding situations. All these gases – ArcalTM Prime, ArcalTM Chrome, ArcalTM Speed and ArcalTM Force – are compliant with BS EN ISO 14175 making arc welding easier and safer, with improved end-weld quality.

Air Liquide has a strong focus on adding value to customer processes and enhancing their user experience. To this end, Air Liquide recently visited Tjaard Jansen van Vuuren, who is responsible for Quality Control at SE Steel Fabrication in Krugersdorp, West of Johannesburg. “Before we used ArcalTM Speed we used to have a lot of problems with spatter during welding. Since using this gas there has been minimal spatter and whatever spatter there is, we can just wipe off. This results in a reduction in post weld cleaning activities and time savings – the need for fettling and grinding activity has dropped significantly – which is very beneficial for our tight delivery schedules,” he says.

Delivering high deposition rates, ArcalTM Speed is designed for high speed MAG welding of carbon steels. The gas is classified as ISO 14175-M20 and has a low oxidation potential due to containing no oxygen in its composition. High purity argon is used as the base with carbon dioxide as the active component, which results in virtually no impurities.

“We have also noticed that the welds are cleaner and the mechanical properties achieved during our Procedure Qualification Records (PQR) are in accordance with the requirements of the welding standards we use on the workshop floor,” adds Van Vuuren. “In the past, the presence of mill scale and insufficient earthing for the welding machines also made the spatter problem worse,” he adds, further highlighting the advantages of cleaner welds.

SE Steel Fabrication specialises in the design, detailing, manufacture and erection of all types of structural steel work. Founded in 1981, the company’s commitment to delivering customised steel work solutions that meet industry standards and exceed client expectations has remained steadfast throughout the 30 years of its existence.

The 5 300 m2 SE Steel Fabrication factory utilises lean managed processes to ensure that clients receive steel work and steel construction of the highest quality.

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