Arc Torchology has released its New Arc T range of TIG torches, which offer maximised performance with minimum possible weight.

The new Arc Torchology TIG torch range, exclusively available in South Africa through Smarter Welding Solutions of Meadowdale, Gauteng, offers significant advancements in productivity and performance, but most importantly “they make the life of welders easier”.

2 ARC Torchology T3This according Erwin Drieman, who visited Smarter Welding South Africa recently to introduce the new innovative range.

“Inspired by the desire to achieve uncompromising performance, the New Arc T series has been developed by a team of dedicated experts in order to deliver the very best end user experience possible,” Drieman explains.

“New and patented Core technologies combined with intuitive ergonomics and superior performance wear parts have enabled us to achieve revolutionary power to weight performance ratios and to push the performance levels of these torches way beyond currently accepted norms,” he says while demonstrating the slender size, shape and handling comfort of the new torches.

“Air-cooled torches in this range peak at 240 A, whilst water cooling pushes the boundaries to 550 A – all at 100% duty cycle. We do not specify our torches at 60% as many competitors might,” he says.

How has this been achieved?

Heat zone isolation (HZI) technology isolates the intense heat generated at the arc and prevents it from transferring to the head, resulting in a cooler running torch with an exceptionally lightweight structure, he explains.

Forced cooling technology is also used: A highly effective series of passages and wells have been developed to force cool the collet body. These cooler running assemblies maximise conductivity, so extending consumable life.

In addition, the torches have been re-engineered to take advantage of bi-flow technology. High capacity cooling chambers are used to remove excessive heat at source, preventing it from transferring and accumulating in the torch.

Also making the life of the welder easier is a new tungsten release system. A new method of retaining the electrode has been developed that prevents it from rotating as the back cap is tightened. This eliminates collet twist failure. It also enables quick and easy adjustment of the electrode height, which is now possible without having to remove any wear parts. “Changing or adjusting the tungsten electrode height is easier than ever using the Arc Torchology’s simple 180° twist locking/ unlocking mechanism,” he notes.

“This is not business as usual! These torches have been intelligently designed to have the lowest possible weight for all day welder comfort. They run cooler at higher power capacities and there are fewer wear parts and far better consumable interchangeability.

“All of this saves time and money. The torches last longer, fewer consumables are required and welders can not only become more productive, but their work is made easier,” Drieman concludes.

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