Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, continues to spark the interest of clients across all industries with engineering expertise drawn from a global group of professional engineers from a range of sectors spanning mining, power, oil and gas, rail and manufacturing to processing, automotive and ports and harbours.

     Sal Govender, Vice President for Bureau Veritas Southern Africa.

The company, renowned for services and innovative solutions to ensure client products, infrastructure and processes meet standards and regulations in terms of quality, health and safety, environmental protection and social responsibility, has recently consolidated its intellectual capacity and skills to create a technical centre representing expertise from Africa.

The highly proficient Centre of Excellence comprises professionals from various engineering disciplines based across Africa, to deliver on customer needs globally, providing a wide range of engineering-related services designed to meet and exceed expectations. The core team is based at the Council for Scientific Research in Pretoria, South Africa under the leadership of Heinrich Stander.

Marc Roussel, President of Government Services & International Trade & Senior Vice President for Africa comments: “As always, our role as an expert, independent third party is crucial to creating the conditions for trust amongst our stakeholders. Bureau Veritas is committed to deploying our teams worldwide to preserve people, assets, and the environment by identifying, preventing, managing, and reducing risks. Our Technical Center Africa continues to support clients with geography-specific specialized engineering expertise drawn from our Centres of Excellence developed to meet market demand. Africa needs to be autonomous even when it comes to high-end engineering.”

The Bureau Veritas Technical Centre Africa provides customers in Africa and elsewhere in the world with technical excellence, supporting them in designing and operating assets that are safe and reliable. It serves as an independent third-party certification body, providing advice and support for clients in achieving compliance. Collaboration and smooth co-ordination amongst experts from all over the Continent ensure the needs of customers from all over the world are met timeously and professionally, reinforcing trust and third-party commitment.

Sal Govender, Vice President for Bureau Veritas Southern Africa, comments: “Our Technical Centre Africa consolidates highly skilled technical expertise to provide world-class performance that meets the needs of our customers in a fluid professional manner. We remain accessible to our clients by providing advice and support with our hallmark engineering expertise and impartiality.”

The Technical Centre’s objectives are to provide solid and reliable engineering expertise and technical support across all major industries:

  • Oil & Gas – provide technical support where operational safety is key whilst keeping a sharp focus on costs. Safety, asset integrity and design review are at the forefront of our focus.
  • Mining – Technical Centre engineers provide support to ensure clients achieve two main objectives: maintain production, and reduce costs and improve efficiencies; against a backdrop of health & safety protocols.
  • Power & Utilities – provide technical expertise to ensure the reliability and asset integrity management of clients’ power assets are maintained. The Technical Centre forms the backbone of in-depth expertise required for Bureau Veritas’ Boiler Specialist Services.
  • Aerospace – the technical Centre supports aerospace companies throughout the value chain by addressing three key focus areas: quality and regulatory compliance with aircraft manufacturers, optimisation of manufacturing costs, and on-time delivery throughout the supply chain.
  • Rail – the technical Centre engineers provide support for rail operators, owners, and manufacturers to lower risk, ensure conformity and achieve business growth.
  • Manufacturing – Providing industrial clients’ compliance assessments for assets equipment, throughout the life of industrial facilities, ensuring operational performance, safety, reliability and profitability.
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