In a bid to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions South Africa (tkISSA) has locally engineered, designed and manufactured a custom-designed, portable Sodium Hypochlorite disinfection trailer unit for spraying disinfectant in COVID-19 hotspot areas to help curb the spread of the virus.

The thyssenkrupp Hypochlorite trailer is easily towed by a bakkie or LUV

Fitted with 4 spray nozzles, the thyssenkrupp Hypochlorite trailer can be easily towed by a bakkie or LUV.

The primary way that the extremely contagious virus spreads is from person to person but as the virus attaches to surfaces, infection can also occur by people touching their face after touching an infected area. The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests Sodium Hypochlorite, commonly known as bleach, for effectively disinfecting surfaces potentially infected with COVID-19.

As chemicals should be used at the lowest possible effective concentration for safety reasons, the WHO recommends a 0.5% Hypochlorite solution which is achieved through one part bleach (household bleach is commonly available as a 3,5% concentration) to seven parts water to kill the virus. This dilution is as good as the alcohols used in hand sanitisers.

thyssenkrupp has designed the trailer unit for effectively spraying the recommended 0,5% Hypochlorite concentration over large street, pavement and vertical surfaces. thyssenkrupp is globally renowned for its engineering capabilities when it comes to machines and equipment for the mining, minerals processing and cement sectors as well as for its cutting-edge technologies such as solar and biomass. “By combining these proficiencies together with our local fabrication expertise, we have produced this robust and cost-effective trailer,” says Neville Eve, GM Chemical Process Technology.

Equipped with a 500 litre easy-to-refill concentrate tank, the Hypochlorite trailer can spray a 50 000 m² surface area per day with the replenishment of water only into the diluted liquid tank. The unit is fitted with four spay nozzles allowing four operators to efficiently spray both sides of the street simultaneously. Weighing 1 600 kg (gross), the trailer is easily towed by a bakkie or light utility vehicle and is ideal for use by local municipalities, health departments, industrial cleaning companies, etc. Thanks to the smart modular design, multiple units can be manufactured with very short lead times.

Although the trailer is extremely easy to operate, Daniel Martinho, HoD: Sales & Proposals at tkISSA, points out that in addition to ensuring the correct operation of equipment for maximum performance, training is also essential to safeguard public and operator safety, especially when working with chemicals. “The training we offer focuses on tank filling procedure, accurate dilution of the concentrate as well as correct operation of the pump, valves and spray equipment in accordance with the design.” 

Martinho reports that interest has been shown in the concept and that they have received requests for further information on the trailer. “I can also confirm that a company in the chemical supply sector has expressed interest in purchasing a number of units from us.”

“Over the past 60 years, customers across the African continent continue to invest in our equipment, technology and services,” says Philipp Nellessen, CEO of thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions Sub Sahara Africa. “Through the development of this Hypochlorite trailer we are able to give back to our partners and to the regions that have has supported us so well.”

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