United Africa Blockchain Association Zambia (UABA) chapter new board is a clear indication that UABA is gearing up for more than just blockchain adoption in Zambia.

UABA Zambias new boardSpeaking at the just ended board meeting, Yaliwe Soko, Chairperson of UABA Global said, “This is an opportunity for Zambians to have Zambian products, but also to see the adoption of blockchain for social good most importantly.”

“But there needs to be an understanding to say that Blockchain can change our lives. It is here to stay. And it is amazing to see champions of industry coming in and supporting this cause.”

Fintech and payments look to be the direction that the financial sector in Zambia will likely take in the early phase of adoption. Probably it will be building on top of the successful and robust mobile payment ecosystems. It will likely be the introduction of cash in and cash out options for crypto assets into the mainstream payments ecosystems.

In addition, capital investment in local start-ups is likely to be one of the directions that UABA would take in Zambia. There is a growing confidence amongst African Tech start-ups to scale-up. It is evident from the last UABA’s Start-up Initiative event that took place in Lagos on the 25 April. Which saw an overwhelming response from Lagos based Start-ups who attended the pitching session. The initiative was held in partnership with venture capital firm YOLO Investments.

The new UABA Zambia board reflects the fintech, entrepreneur and venture capital sentiments. It is composed of individuals from the bank sector, payments sector, and start-up accelerators. The new board is made up of the following talented people who are expectational in their fields.  

  • Roy Muyelu is CEO at ProBASE Limited
  • Mulenga Kapwepwe is Chairperson of the National Arts Council, and co-founder of the Zambian Women's History Museum
  • Yaza Kara is Head of Innovation, Partnerships & Agile Project Office at Stanbic Bank Zambia
  • Dr. Francis Lwanga is CEO at Zambia Electronic Clearing House
  • Dominic Kapalu is Chairperson at UABA Zambia Chapter
  • Sydney Sichula is Head Strategy and Innovation at ZANACO Bank.
  • Jason Mulaisho is CEO and Founder of Wealth Innovation Zambia (WIZ)
  • Mara Michelo is CEO at Jacaranda Hub Zambia.

United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) is a Non-Profit Organisation formed for the promotion of the adoption of Blockchain technology in Africa, and creating Partnerships and networks that deliver on life changing blockchain projects. Our learning programs empower individuals and organisations with skills and networks to build solutions that take advantage of blockchain technology.

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