Bureau Veritas, a global leader in testing, inspection and certification (TIC) services, recently announced that it has established its Technical Centre Africa which consolidates its intellectual capacity, skills and expertise from Africa in a centre of excellence to serve customers across the continent and globally. The Technical Centre Africa pools the expertise of professionals across the engineering disciplines who are based across Africa. The core team is based at the Council for Scientific Research in Pretoria, South Africa, under the leadership of Heinrich Stander.

            Heinrich Stander,  heads up the new Technical Centre Africa.

Commenting on this development, Marc Roussel, President of Government Services & International Trade and Senior Vice President for Africa, said: “Our role as an expert, independent third party is crucial to creating trust in our TIC services and among our stakeholders. Bureau Veritas deploys its teams worldwide to preserve people, assets, and the environment by identifying, preventing, managing, and reducing risks. The Technical Centre Africa will support clients with geography-specific specialised engineering expertise, and will draw from and contribute to our Centres of Excellence globally where need be.”

The Technical Centre Africa offers customers in Africa and elsewhere in the world technical excellence, supporting them in designing and operating assets that are safe and reliable. It serves as an independent third-party certification body, providing advice and support for clients to achieve compliance with applicable legislation, regulations and good practice. Collaboration and coordination among experts from across the continent ensure the needs of customers from around the world are met timeously and professionally, reinforcing trust and third-party commitment.

Sal Govender, Vice President for Bureau Veritas Southern Africa, said: “Our Technical Centre Africa consolidates highly skilled technical expertise to provide world-class services that meet the needs of our customers in a professional manner. We are available to our clients, providing advice and support with our hallmark engineering expertise and impartiality.”

The Technical Centre provides engineering expertise and technical support across all major industries, including: oil & gas, mining, power & utilities, aerospace, rail, and manufacturing.

Head of the newly established Technical Centre Africa, Heinrich Stander, said: “Our services are centred around customers’ needs: conformity assessment and certification; functional safety and reliability; risk and safety; and asset integrity management. We offer a network of expertise from across Africa which ensures clients benefit from the same core service offering wherever they are and in a cost-effective way. Bureau Veritas has offices in 45 African countries so we can support our clients with localised knowledge and experience as well as access to the organisation’s wider expertise. Our mission is to provide technical excellence at each stage of the asset lifecycle, from feasibility to design, construction, operation, and decommissioning, with our core focus on ensuring safe and reliable asset availability and client satisfaction. We are here to ensure our clients can meet their goals sustainably and efficiently.”

With the Technical Centre based in Pretoria, Bureau Veritas has its head office for Southern Africa in Johannesburg and branch offices and/or laboratories in Cape Town, Centurion, Durban and Richards Bay, South Africa.

For more information, visit: www.bureauveritas.co.za

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