The first cohort of 750 high school students across Johannesburg will be welcomed into GE’s inaugural Next Engineers programme early in 2022. Leading South African NGO, PROTEC, is pressing full steam ahead as it prepares the further education readiness programme on behalf of GE in a mission to inspire the next generation of engineers: the innovators, problem-solvers and leaders of tomorrow.

Applications open until 21 January for Next Engineers

The Next Engineers programme will expose students to the wide-ranging opportunities that engineering offers.

PROTEC has been providing educational support for successful STEM careers to disadvantaged high school students since 1982. It was selected by the GE Foundation in mid-2021, through FHI 360, as the South African NGO best equipped to be the lead implementation partner in the programme designed to grow the pool and diversity of engineers in the country.

Applications are open until 21 January 2022 to students in all high schools in Johannesburg’s five educational districts – central, east, west, south and north – to participate in one of the three programmes that will be run for different age groups.

  • Engineering Discovery will accommodate 500 Grade 8 students, aged 13 to 14 years, and 200 parents per year, over five years, and will be run in selected schools throughout the year, primarily on Saturdays. The aim will be to build awareness and expand understanding of the work that engineers do through exploratory sessions. Volunteers will be involved, delivering creative, hands-on activities to inspire the young people about the wide world of engineering.
  • Engineering Camp, for Grade 9 students, aged 14 to 15, will accommodate 200 students per year, in a week-long camp at a university in Johannesburg during the June/July school holidays. Here students will be immersed in the engineering process, interacting with experienced engineering faculty staff and business leaders and completing design challenges inspired by real-world scenarios, as they begin to build their own identities as aspiring engineers.
  • Engineering Academy, for Grades 10 to 12 students, aged 15 to 18, will accommodate 50 students per year in three cycles over five years, in classes and workshops also to be held at a university in Johannesburg, mainly on Saturdays. The students will learn to think and act like engineers and prepare for tertiary education. Activities will include immersive design challenges, career coaching and workshops, which will equip the students with skills needed for successful careers in engineering. Successful learners who enrol for engineering careers after matric will also qualify for an academic scholarship from the GE Foundation.

Balan Moodley, PROTEC CEO, says the organisation is thrilled at the opportunity to partner with GE and FHI 360 in this project which will go a long way towards redressing the imbalances of the past, particularly in relation to the low number of women in engineering. He says the international benchmark of an average population per engineer shows that South Africa lags far behind other countries, with one engineer per 3 166 people, whereas a country such as Brazil has one engineer per 227 people. “South Africa is severely under-engineered and this programme promises to go some way towards providing a sustainable solution that addresses the dire skills shortage across engineering disciplines, locally and internationally.”

The GE Next Engineers programme aligns well with the foundational objective of PROTEC when it was established 40 years ago in Soweto by a group of concerned engineers from the SA Institute of Civil Engineers (SAICE). The vision for PROTEC was to help high school children in disadvantaged communities prepare for successful careers in sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. “The legacy of PROTEC’s founders has been strengthened with this programme which holds significant potential and PROTEC is proud to build on it,” adds Moodley.

The Next Engineers programme will be coordinated by Luyanda Mamane, a PROTEC alumnus and a qualified Aeronautical Engineer from the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits), as the Project Manager, reporting to the PROTEC Senior Project Manager, Duduzile Ngoepe. Programme facilitators will be sourced primarily from volunteers from GE South Africa’s network of engineers, Wits University, and the PROTEC alumni, who have long been involved in PROTEC’s STEM educational programme.

The course content is open ended with a key focus on current social challenges such as water, electricity, poverty, the current pandemic, and issues related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution environment. Measurement and evaluation will be consistent throughout the programme and will assess full participation and commitment by students and parents, and the uptake of engineering studies in tertiary institutions and successful engineering careers.

Nyimpini Mabunda, CEO of GE South Africa, says engineers are needed to solve a myriad of challenges such as supplying clean energy, quality healthcare and sustainable flight. “Our Next Engineers programme will help us expose students to the wide-ranging opportunities that engineering offers through hands-on learning. GE believes in continuous development of the company and its employees and remains committed to bridging the critical gap in STEM skills in South Africa. Through Next Engineers, students will be empowered to develop the skills they need to build a world that works.”

Alison Bengston, Deputy Director General Curriculum Support at the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE), says the programme has come at the most opportune time as the GDE is reorganising schools in line with the Schools of Specialisation programme in Gauteng. “The Next Engineers programme aligns well with the ideals and objectives of the department in redressing the imbalances of the past and in developing a pipeline into the engineering sector.”

For more information visit: www.nextengineers.org and www.protec.org.za   

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