On 30 March 2017, ABB launched the Regional Drives Service Workshop (DSW) at ABB’s offices in South Africa’s Longmeadow facility in Modderfontein. This world-class facility aims at providing value to ABB customers all over Africa by ensuring excellent service and producing rapid turn-around time on drive units.

ABB South Africa Drives Service WorkshopTest capabilities

“Historically the Drives Service workshop was occupied mostly by local repair units and was not recognised by ABB Global as a regional service Centre” says ABB’s Drives Service Manager ZA Nols Muller. In the past 18 months ABB has invested in test capabilities of the workshop costing up R2 M and has put other measures into place such as enclosing the complete test facility, changing internal procedures to accommodate the enclosure and putting up to four levels of isolation between the tester and the equipment thus ensuring safety. ABB has also developed 12 staff members to work in the facility. “The highly skilled facility has gone through a rigorous certification process in order for it to be permissible to repair and work on drive units and has been globally certified by ABB”, mentions Muller.

To run the comprehensive facility, ABB Southern Africa has one of the best drive service training centres globally and multiple trainers and is certified across the whole product range with both low voltage and medium voltage drives. The training centre is one of only three certified training centres globally that can do load commutated inverters training, with the other two residing in Switzerland and China.

Service throughout sub-Saharan Africa

The Longmeadow facility serves as a regional workshop which means it provides a repair service to customers throughout sub-Saharan Africa. To ABB customers, the new workshop effectively means that the quality control is 110% better than it was previously thus allowing all repaired units to leave the workshop in top condition. All units that come in from African countries are quoted within 24 hours and are given a maximum turnaround time of 10 days when all logistics run smoothly.

Looking into the future ABB Southern Africa aims at locally manufacturing Service Exchange, which is a standard product that is currently being imported from the Finish Logistics Centre in Finland. The manufacturing of this product is set to begin at the end of 2017.

Enquiries: Nols Muller. Email nols.muller@za.abb.com

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