A greenfield coal mine in the Mpumalanga coalfields region has standardised on drives from SEW-EURODRIVE for its entire conveyor-belt system. This entailed a 27-unit order that was assembled at the original equipment manufacturer’s Nelspruit facility and transported directly to site early this year.

The order consisted of a complete drive package in the form of a simple ‘bolt-on’ solution for the conveyor-belt system. This included the drives, gearboxes, base plates, guards and, in one instance, an ancillary cooler.

Driving the conveyors in new Mpumalanga coal mine

The project was facilitated by the Projects Department of SEW-EURODRIVE, under the direction of Project Sales Representatives Brett Weinmann and Bruce Farthing. This specialist in-house department focuses on providing clients with complete solutions.

Weinmann explains that the long-term aim of the Projects Department is to establish relationships with project houses in particular, which put their designs out to competitive tender. Thereafter it is the responsibility of Farthing, a qualified mechanical engineer, to develop a solution best suited for the specific application and that is presented to the client for approval.

“Our team is dynamic,” says Weinmann. “We strive to offer the best solution together with best customer service and technical back-up. We don’t simply supply products, but look at the application holistically.”

The order for the new mine’s conveyor-belt system had to be customised and an important part of the service was ensuring the required specifications were met and keeping to the delivery date.

“We like to be on-site during this critical phase of any project, to ensure that everything is according to specification and installed correctly. For example, we double-check the oil levels and the alignment of the units and are also present at the first cold start-up,” Weinmann notes.

Critical to the success of this project was the close working relationship with the project house, which allowed SEW-EURODRIVE an extended lead time. “This enables us to iron out all the technical specifications in advance and benefits our sub-suppliers as well,” Farthing says. SEW-EURODRIVE has subsequently received orders for another three cross-border projects with the same client, assisting in expanding its footprint in the African mining industry.

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