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Energy Engineered Products, Multi Alloys and E-Metals Cape have joined forces to create a powerful new brand, EMVAfrica, which has leveraged and streamlined each of the founding company’s strengths, expertise and experience.

EMVAfrica is a new company represented by three heavyweights in the stainless steel, special alloy and valve industry namely ENERGYMetals, ENERGYValves and associated company, Multi Alloys. Through these companies, the team is making one of Africa’s most proficient one-stop stainless steel, special alloy and valve solution providers.

EMVAfrica stainless steel valves special alloysUnder the innovative one-stop solution provider EMVAfrica, the divisions and subsidiaries are well positioned to cater to customers’ needs in Africa and deliver their strategy of product, service and stock solutions.

“Our 360˚ approach in solving customers’ needs is what differentiates the business,” says Graham Whitty, director of EMVAfrica. “We see ourselves as Africans, we see our market as Africa and we wish to engage the world as Africans. As specialists, our capabilities include sourcing the best products from around the world and creating packages for local and international projects.”

The ENERGYValves division, established primarily to complement the process materials offering, plays a pivotal role as one of three powerful brands within EMVAfrica and has earned its reputation as a leading supplier of premium quality stainless steel and special-alloy valves and supporting services.  

With stainless steel forming the bulk of the valves range, the division also offers valves in duplex stainless steel, titanium, 904L, zirconium, nickel alloys as well as numerous other high-performance alloys. The company’s comprehensive valves portfolio includes a range of ball, knife gate, wedge gate, butterfly, check, needle, and pressure relief valves. “In addition to stainless steel, ENERGYValves supplies valves in lower steel grades such as carbon steels. The division also holds extensive stock of the most commonly used valves in corrosion resisting alloys.”

In more recent times the valves division has expanded its offering to include a range of pneumatic actuators. The extensive technical expertise in special alloys provides an in-depth understanding of their performance in corrosive and challenging industrial environments.

“As part of the dynamic EMVAfrica group, ENERGYValves is positioned as more than a supplier of valves; we offer complete solutions,” says Whitty. “Our valves are well-accepted in a range of industries including mining, construction and engineering. We remain committed to providing the finest quality products coupled with unrivalled service excellence to our customers, irrespective of the application.”

ENERGYValves is ISO9001: 2015 certified. The range of stainless-steel valves is sourced from reputable and highly certified manufacturers and suppliers with proven track records. “The division is focused on establishing long-term relationships with suppliers. It regularly audits its quality standards and provides material and pressure test certificates with all valve products.”

The ENERGYMetals division imports, stocks and distributes premium quality industrial stainless steel. The company offers process materials such as pipe, fittings, flanges, fasteners and heat exchanger tubes, as well as engineering materials such as round bar, angle and flat bar, and polished decorative tube. The company supplies from stock or ex-mill for larger products.

“Over the years, ENERGYMetals has assembled an industry-leading team of specialists enabling us to offer unrivalled expertise in all aspects of our product range,” notes Whitty. “As part of EMVAfrica, ENERGYMetals is perfectly positioned to offer customers its comprehensive product and service suite, to ensure that we meet our customers’ individual requirements.”

Turning to service, Ken Perel, founder of Multi Alloys, affirms that EMVAfrica mirrors its extensive product expertise in its service and after-sales service offerings. “The company’s ongoing commitment to adding value through decades of experience has earned us the reputation of one of South Africa’s leading purveyors of special alloys,” says Perel.

“The company’s product portfolio consists of nickel alloys, duplex and super duplex stainless steels, high performance copper alloys and other niche products which are sourced from certified manufacturers.”

Combining excellent product knowledge with outstanding international logistics capabilities, Multi Alloys’ professional team offers solutions from its industry-leading stock range as well as through sourcing hard-to-find items internationally.

“Multi Alloys is proud to be part of EMVAfrica. The quality of our products and services is of primary importance, so we made sure that it retained its pivotal role within the new business,” Perel concludes.

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