David Dyce, business unit manager of Fluid Technology at BMG, talks about the company’s comprehensive range of filtration solutions, which ensure that fuel and lubricant oil are maintained within the required cleanliness standards for the better protection of modern equipment assets.

BMG’s Fluid Technology division is committed to improving operational efficiencies for customers in all industries, by providing essential filtration, separation and purification technologies.

BMG Mobile filtration units

“With broad technical capabilities and an extensive range of quality-branded fluid power components, BMG is able to offer total process, filtration and lubrication management solutions throughout Africa, even in chemical and corrosive environments, as well as in arduous mining conditions,” says David Dyce, business unit manager, Fluid Technology, BMG. “BMG’s Fluid Technology team has a thorough understanding of the filtration process and offers solutions to ensure fluids – including oil, fuel and lubricant oil – are within the required cleanliness standards.

“Efficient filtration disciplines result in optimum performance, improved reliability and extended service life of machinery, equipment and vehicles. Without a structured control and contamination prevention programme, premature equipment failure is likely to occur, resulting in unnecessary downtime and costly replacement of parts.”

Optimum filtration performance, combined with lower differential pressure of the system, significantly reduces energy consumption, which is critical to maximising production efficiencies.

Contamination is the biggest threat to the supply of clean bulk fuel product. The main cause of contamination in diesel and lubricant oils is water and dirt ingress. Foreign materials encourage the culture of bacteria, which feed on hydrocarbons, degrading fuel quality and resulting in equipment failure.

BMG has recognised a greater demand from industries – including earthmoving, mining, agriculture, transport, chemicals and petrochemicals, as well as shipping – for products and solutions that ensure ‘cleaner’, non-contaminated diesel and lubricant oils.

Mobile filtration trailers

BMG’s mobile filtration trailers provide reliable and cost-effective filtration of diesel, oils, lubricants and aviation fuel – not only at filling stations, but also on mines, construction sites and in the field.

This mobile filtration system removes particulate and water ingress – the two most destructive contaminates for diesel engines, on both light and heavy vehicles. Bulk fuel filtration systems ensure cleaner fuel to meet the finer tolerances of modern diesel injection systems.

BMG’s mobile filtration trailers consist of a 12 V dc pump, mechanical flow meter, water separator and filter, a 6.0 m hose and dispensing nozzle. The tank (500 to 3 000 ℓ) has a lockable filler, baffles and a breather. Bowser material options include mild steel, stainless steel and polyurethane.

On-board filtration solutions

BMG has also extended its on-board filtration range, to include products that protect new TK4 and TK5 engines – which have tighter tolerance levels for their injectors – against wear and water damage.

These products, which include complete coolant, lubricant and filtration service kits for 250 hours, 500 hours, 750 hours and 1 000 hours, can be adjusted to meet the required services schedules.

BMG also has convenient service pack kits available for all types of excavators, dump trucks, loaders, graders and crushers.

Technical experts assist with the selection of the correct filter for every application, to ensure optimum performance and extended service life of every system.

BMG’s extensive fluid technology range also encompasses EcoPart filter elements for stationary and mobile hydraulic systems from the Filtration Group. These components, with defined filter performance and purity class, comply with stringent DIN and ISO standards and have all other necessary standard industry approvals … read more.

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