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APE Pumps has expanded its local line-up with the introduction of a series of submersible pumps targeting key sectors, which include the water and wastewater markets, mine and dam dewatering and irrigation. Depending on the application, capacities range up to 50 000 m3/h and pumps are available with either dry or wet motors.

On the cover APE Pumps dewatering irrigation

Manufactured within the APE group of companies, these products have a long history of successful utilisation on key installations worldwide and come to market in either horizontal or vertical configurations.

Three key submersible categories are:

The M, G and WQDWS dewatering pump series, providing flow rates up to 1 000 m3/h and heads up to 100 m.

The MS sewage pump series, providing flow rates up to 6 000 m3/h and heads up to 70 m.

High-capacity models providing flow volumes up to 50 000 m3/h at heads up to 25 m.

“A key benefit of submersible pumps is their smaller footprint, which enables engineers to develop more efficient installations. Examples in the municipal field include sewage pump stations, where our pump designs achieve optimal flows and heads,” says John Montgomery, general manager, APE Pumps.

The APE group of companies has extensive experience in assisting clients with the design and equipping of raw water systems, booster pumps, drainage and sewage stations and piped water schemes. A classic example is the revamping of the infrastructure for the Blantyre Water Board in Malawi, which was completed as a joint venture between WPIL and APE Pumps. This turnkey high-pressure pumping solution for the Blantyre Water Board is currently pumping drinking water from a water treatment plant 26 km away into distribution centre reservoirs and then a further 13 km into Blantyre.

APE Pumps is currently ranked as a 7 ME contractor in terms of the Construction Industry Development Board grading system. Working within the group, capabilities extend from concept to commissioning. This includes hydraulic system analysis and pump selection; mechanical piping and equipment layout; instrumentation; and electrical, civil and structural engineering.

“Adding submersibles to our existing offering is an exciting development, which opens up a new world of opportunities,” Montgomery says.

Fire suppression solutions from Audoli & Bertola

Water volume and pump speed delivery are two of the most critical factors when it comes to designing fire suppression systems, an area in which the APE group of companies Gruppo Aturia delivers, with its Audoli & Bertola product line. These products comply with EN 12845 for the design, installation and maintenance of fixed firefighting systems and automatic sprinkler systems; EN 12259-12 for the pump components required for firefighting sprinkler and water spray systems; and the NFPA 20 standard for the Installation of stationary fire protection pumps.

Audoli & Bertola also has the distinction of being the only Italian pump manufacturer to have obtained Factory Mutual (FM) system approval for its diesel-driven vertical turbine and split-case horizontal pumps. This well-known international brand is available locally via its fellow APE group of companies, APE Pumps and Mather+Platt, both based in Germiston, Gauteng. “These pumps meet every conceivable application, from high-rise buildings to petrochemical plants, and the set-ups can be custom designed to meet specific site requirements,” explains Montgomery.

As well as providing standard OEM solutions, APE Pumps and Mather+Platt specialise in once-off pump designs. APE Pumps’ grading as a CIDB 7 ME contractor also enables the company to execute turnkey installations.

Audoli & Bertola’s vertical pumps range in capacity from 1 900 ℓ/minute to 15 200 ℓ/minute at 50 Hz and 60 Hz; and the split-case series from 2 850 ℓ/minute to 7 600 ℓ/minute at 50 Hz and 60 Hz. These can be powered by diesel, electric or gas engines. All pumps are certified to deliver 150% of the nominal flow at no less than 65% of head at the working point. Designs ensure that the shut-off head does not exceed 140% of the rated head.

A key advantage of Audoli & Bertola’s horizontal split-case-type centrifugal fire pumps is that they are relatively simple to operate and repair. “They are well suited for applications where water supply is obtainable under a positive head,” says Montgomery.

FM Approval and vertical designs

Turbine-type centrifugal fire pumps have submerged impellers contained in a series bowl assembly at the bottom of a vertical shaft. They are FM approved for discharging water from lakes, streams, open sumps, drilled wells and other equivalent subsurface sources. FM Approval is the independent testing arm of international insurance carrier, FM Global. FM-approved products have been successfully tested to make sure they conform to the highest standards of safety and property loss prevention.

For electric drive systems, FM-approved pumps must be used with a vertical electric motor; while for gas or diesel driven fire pumps, they must be connected to an FM-approved engine through an FM-certified, right-angle gear drive.

“We believe our innovative design and manufacturing capabilities place us at the heart of Africa, with turnkey solutions for mining, water and wastewater facilities, power generation, fire suppression and for Africa’s burgeoning oil and gas and petrochemical industries,” Montgomery concludes.

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