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Developed by Zenprop, the new Cummins Power Hub strategically consolidates and solidifies various business premises in support of the company’s position as Africa’s preferred power solutions provider, while it continues to innovate a wide range of technical solutions that will break boundaries and power the future, pioneering a world that is ‘Always On’.

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The company’s relocation from the Kelvin and Longmeadow offices to the award-winning 15 355 m2 facility is of critical importance as it positions the company at the epicentre of Gauteng’s most dynamic and strategically located business hub.

The Power Hub holds a substantial R350-million investment and houses the Cummins Southern Africa Regional Headquarters, the Master Rebuild Centre (MRC), Africa Learning Centre and Gauteng Operations.

Acknowledging the strategic significance of the new premises and showcasing the power leader’s vote of confidence and commitment to the Southern Africa region, visiting dignitaries from the global headquarters in Columbus, Indiana in the United States included the company’s Chairman and CEO, Tom Linebarger; the VP and President for the Distribution Business, Tony Satterthwaite; and the Chief Human Resources Officer, Jill Cook.

“We are extremely excited to officially launch our new state-of-the-art facilities. The architectural layout has been optimally and uniquely designed, adopting the Cummins Smart Office Concept (CSO) to create a space that enhances internal collaboration, encourages engagement and thereby accelerates a solution-orientated approach,” said Racheal Njoroge, managing director: southern Africa, at the launch.

“Employees and customers alike will appreciate the value these premises will bring to their Cummins experience. As always, we are driven by a customer-centric outlook to provide quality performance and service el-extraordinaire.”

The consolidation of the various businesses at the Power Hub provides a technologically advanced world class suite of products and capabilities all available under one roof. The central hub, providing power solutions for customers across the Southern Africa region, brings together a host of Cummins technically advanced expertise from mining, power systems, automotive and technical training.

Additionally, the facility provides the latest cutting-edge technology to meet industry needs: a 3 500 hp AVL Dyno Test Cell that will test some of Cummins largest engines to full power; a precision-driven spray booth large enough to accommodate the most powerful Cummins engines’ paint applications; and an environmentally advanced water purification plant – an efficient waste water treatment system that recycles 80% of water used in the Master Rebuilt Center.

Extension of Cummins’ services

The Power Hub also launches new progressive build processes that substantially reduce the overall build time whilst improving quality output. The facility, being a part of the Cummins Distribution Business Unit, focuses on sales and aftermarket servicing. The MRC continues to be a focal point of Cummins support to the mining industry, providing rebuilt engines to ensure customers can enjoy a reliable and consistent supply of engines for uninterrupted operations. The Cummins Smart Office design encourages improved collaboration and innovative thinking amongst employees.  Overall, a win-win facility for both employees and customers alike.

The launch heralds the completion of a three-year project that culminates in the creation of a world class sales and service facility. The new premises are geared to ensure ease of business dealings for customers and support for the Cummins vision of exceeding customer expectations whilst improving operational efficiencies in a collaborative manner.

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