Surface mining association, Aspasa, is calling for industry input to assist in the compilation of a specialised leadership training course to be delivered in 2020.

Nico Pienaar AspasaAlthough much of the coursework is being compiled from standard leadership training comprising basic principles and requirements, the association wants to look at specific requirements of the surface mining and related industries. These will be worked into the coursework to ensure delegates are best able to cope with leadership in specific environments.

Aspasa director, Nico Pienaar, says that leadership training is seldom taught and that talented staff that rise through the ranks often lack the basics. This may hamper their future progress or make them less effective than their potential in an organisation.

“There are a million reasons that justify the training of our supervisory staff and managers. Just because someone is technically competent does not mean that they automatically have the skills to manage people, communicate effectively, time management or even deal with day-to-day administration or other management related tasks – these are skills that need to be taught.

“In addition, we recognise that our industry has its own challenges for supervisory staff and we want to build in appropriate training that cuts right to the core of the requirement of surface mines. Whether it be fatigue management as a result of shifts, compliance related issues or whatever the challenges may be, we need to train for it and adjust our workshops to address these issues.

“The implementation of industry specific training will set us ahead of the curve and set up our industry to be outright leaders in the mining and related industries. This is a necessity if we are to attract the brightest talent in future in order to steer the industry to new heights,” says Pienaar.

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