The 2019 Pan American Games will open in Lima this Friday 26th July. During the 16 day-event, the city will host more than 400 competitions for 39 sports in 37 competition venues.  

Schreder lights up the Pan American Games 20191

Schréder has delivered a range of high-performing sustainable lighting solutions for 27 of the competition venues. The lighting not only ensures perfect visibility so that the competitors and spectators can concentrate on the sport but also meets the stringent requirements of television broadcasters that require high quality lighting for UHDTV and flicker-free super slow-motion replays.

“The technological infrastructure will be the most advanced of any previous Pan American event.  explains Cedric Collard, Schréder’s Sports Segment Manager.

“The organisers were keen to create a lasting legacy for residents and promote their city worldwide. They are hoping to reach a global audience of more than 500 million viewers, who will have access to more than 900 hours of live competition” says Diego Royo, General Manager of Schréder Peru.

Schreder lights up the Pan American Games 20192

Schréder has delivered more than 1,200 LED luminaires to light the aquatic centre, baseball and softball grounds, rugby, football and hockey pitches as well as the basketball and tennis courts.

With this sporting event giving athletes in the Americas the opportunity to qualify for next year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, athletes will be eager to surpass their performance. Installed on high masts, the OMNIblast delivers a glare free lighting with perfect vertical illuminance on the athletes, ensuring that the competitors, referees and spectators never miss any of the action.
The luminaires are also DMX enabled to create stunning theatrical effects for the local audience and international viewers.

Schreder lights up the Pan American Games 20193

The OMNIblast guarantees perfect flicker free images that meet the strictest criteria defined by the international competition sports associations for high definition television broadcasting with slow motion replays. With a high CRI of 90 and TLCI (Television Lighting Consistency Index) of over 85, it shows the real colours to broadcast sharp and vivid images for an unrivalled viewing experience.

With a low power consumption, long life span and robust mechanical design, the luminaires ensure energy efficiency and low maintenance to help the organisers to achieve their sustainability objectives and secure the legacy of the sporting infrastructure.

About Schréder

Schréder is a worldwide leader in intelligent outdoor lighting solutions. The company, founded in 1907, is serving its customers around the world through 48 subsidiaries and 5 R&D centres. As a partner of the city, we design and develop intelligent solutions that transform public and private spaces into safe, comfortable, sustainable and smart environments with engaging experiences for the users and operational benefits for the managers. 

BEKA Schréder, leading local manufacturer of LED luminaires, is part of the Schréder Group.

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