CCG, a company renowned for its constant drive for innovation and product improvement, is in the final phase of testing and third party approvals for a new range of NEC products for the fast-growing and highly demanding oil and gas market in the USA and Canada. This after numerous requests by leading US engineering construction companies who have used CCG products in other parts of the world.

CCG launched the original Captive Component Gland® in 1972, after a direct request from South African mining companies to solve problems they experienced with cable glands having loose components that were lost or incorrectly fitted in deep-level mining operations. The incorrect fitting of a cable gland can have dire consequences with regards to equipment failure, which leads to lost production and, more importantly, threatens the safety of personnel.  

South African cable gland manufacturer with a global presence

Very quickly, the concept of CCG’s Captive Component Gland® was recognised by other industry sectors, especially the hazardous petrochemical, oil and gas industries, as having significant safety advantages over other cable gland designs with loose components. Over the years, the original CCG design has evolved into a comprehensive range of products enabling CCG to become one of the main suppliers of quality cable glands and junction boxes to the global market.

Innovative and extensive product range

The simplicity of the ‘Captive Component Gland®’ design means that no matter where in the world CCG products are being installed, the simplest of instructions will ensure that all parts are correctly fitted. This concept is important for installations on projects in developing countries where unskilled labour is often used. From the beginning, CCG has placed emphasis on the user’s input to enhance design innovation. CCG’s policy of ‘Built-in Safety™’ and ‘designing out complexity’ has meant that discerning engineers worldwide have recognised CCG’s products for their safety, and time and wastage saving features. By selecting CCG as their preferred cable gland, installers of CCG can truly ‘Install with Confidence™’.

New products are constantly added to an already extensive range. Covering the vast majority of cable types and installation applications, the range meets the demanding requirements of  the power generation, railway, oil and gas, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, military, marine, industrial, construction and mining industries.

If a unique cable or installation falls outside the industry norm, CCG is able to design a solution. A recent example is the design of a specialised EMC gland for the Royal Australian Navy’s Air Warfare Destroyer programme. Many of CCG’s designs and patents have been the result of finding a solution to industry requirements and, in addition to its well-known Captive Component Gland® design, the company has received numerous international awards and acclaim for its innovative products including its Corrosion Guard®, Posi Grip®, UNITEx™, HTPL and QuickStop-Ex Injection Resin® barrier glands. CCG’s range of Handi-Fit®, Posi-Fit®, ScrewFit® and Utility® junction boxes, which incorporate the same philosophy of ease of use and ‘Built-in Safety™, have become standard throughout the global industrial, mining and petrochemical industries. CCG also has an extensive range of accessories, thread converters, breathers and stopper plugs covering the same wide range of applications as those of its Cable Glands and Junction Boxes.

R&D, Testing and certification

With R&D facilities in South Africa and the UK, headed by Gerrit Schepers, (an expert in Flameproof equipment design) and Dr. Geof Mood (the IEC recognised authority on cable  glands), CCG’s ongoing research, testing and certification processes ensure that its certificates are always up to date with latest standards. But the company has taken testing beyond the norm and, in many cases, far exceeds industry standards. These include independent third party tests for short circuit and continuous currents, electromagnetic compatibility, low smoke and zero halogen, high impact, corrosion resistance, thermal endurance, UV resistance, DTS-01 deluge and IP68 tests, one of which was on its proven tapered displacement seal to an unmatched depth of 850 m, which was a requirement for supplying the highly specialised ROV Oil and Gas market.

CCG also has sitting representation on the relevant ATEX, BS, IECEx, Australian and South African standards committees, which keeps it at the forefront of industry standards. CCG’s products are certified to the latest editions of ATEX, Australian, Brazilian, IEC, IECEx, Korean, Russian and South African standards and have marine approvals with ABS and DNV/GL as well as approval for use in the London Underground Rail network.

Modern manufacturing plant

Certified for ISO 9001 quality, ISO 14001 environmental and OHSAS 18001 health and safety listed with UL USA, CCG is the largest and most modern manufacturer of cable glands in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest in the world. It manufactures all its products in South Africa utilising latest generation CNC technology and has its own automated electroless nickel plating plant.

A truly global company

Over the past 47 years, CCG has steadily grown into a respected global company with subsidiaries in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom. This network of dedicated professionals, which includes mechanical, chemical, electrical and marine electrical engineers, allows CCG to give an unprecedented level of service, delivery, technical advice and product training to major projects and industries worldwide. Some of CCG’s most recent global successes have been to be nominated as the sole supplier of cable glands, junction boxes and accessories to the following diverse and significant projects:

  • Kusile and Medupi ESKOM power stations – South Africa.
  • KAZ minerals Oktogay Copper mine – Kazakhstan.
  • Rio Tinto Oyu Tolgoi Copper Mine – Mongolia.
  • FQM Minera Panama Copper Mine – Panama.
  • Hobart Class Air warfare destroyers - Australian Navy.
  • Shell’s QCLNG Gas process plant – Australia.
  • Origin Energy’s APLNG Gas Process plant – Australia.
  • SANTOS’ GLNG Gas Process plant – Australia.
  • Exxon Mobil Altona Refinery – Australia.
  • Shatin to Central Mass Rail Transit Link – Hong Kong.


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