Established in 1977, Three-D Agencies has for the past 40 years provided a consistently high quality range of cable accessories to a wide spectrum of South African industries. By sourcing products from leading cable accessory manufacturers around the globe, the company has grown into one of Southern Africa’s leading cable accessory suppliers. Its geographic footprint covers all the major economic hubs of South Africa, including Gauteng, Mpumalanga, North West, Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

3D Agencies ensuring growth in tough times

Despite a floundering economy, Three-D Agencies recently posted a record month of sales. In spite of the rand currently plummeting against the dollar, Ian Downard, Managing Director of Three-D Agencies, sees a silver lining. “If the rand hits R20 to the dollar, everyone will put their prices up, inflation will go up, and electrical contractors will have to increase their rates to cover expenses. Yet, as long as other companies think the same as we do, we should see a national sales growth going forward.”

Downard is excited about the many new products Three-D Agencies, a member of the Hudaco Group since 2013, is bringing into the market, including a new 40-page short form catalogue soon to come available for Uni-T. “Of special interest is a new household domestic multimeter at a great price point,” he says.

His, and the company’s, focus is primarily on the customer. “Clients are important – you need to go out and see them to keep your finger on the pulse. We never stop looking for places to grow, but it is tough work. You have to keep knocking on doors. That is why you see myself and Mark Jenkins (sales director) out on the road all the time; we do all the training and visit customers, we don’t sit in our offices. We are out there and, as the decision makers, we can make decisions instantly,” he says.

The company also does everything in its power to ensure that its customers are satisfied. “Whatever the circumstances, the customer is always right, and if the customer is happy, we are happy.

An example of this is the free repairs offered on Uni-T meters. Uni-Trend Group Limited is one of the leading testing meters and instruments companies in Asia and the group has developed and manufactured creative, reliable, high quality and safe-to-use-technology products and provided a wide range of products and related services to global markets. As an electronics technician by trade, Downard, along with two other members of staff, repair any returns within a week. “Although we don’t get many back, having the ability and resources to repair the products in-house ensures a quick turnaround time and a happy customer,” he says.

The company’s own staff are also of vital importance to Downard. “I have an expression for everyone who joins this company – ‘we are serious about what we do, but you should have fun whilst doing it.’ If you’re not having fun you shouldn’t be doing it, and we combine both. We have fun, but are serious, we work hard and hit the numbers. I’m happy when we hit a record month like we did in July. A lot of hard graft goes into it and when you see the results, especially in these testing times, it's a vindication of all the effort.” Downard also leads from the front and his enthusiasm for the industry is clear. He gets involved on the warehouse floor when he has to and is one of the first to arrive at the office. Generally, too, he turns his computer back on when he arrives home, and continues working. “I am very passionate, if you’re not passionate, don’t do it,” he states.

With a vast array of international and local suppliers, Three-D Agencies aims to provide its customers with the highest levels of service and expertise at all times. With Downard leading by example, keeping in close contact with the industry and catering to the needs of the local electrical contractor, Three-D will look to continually grow and improve its product offering to the market.

Enquiries: www.three-d.co.za

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