Eskom kicked off Electricity Safety month with the launch of the new ‘Ska Baiza’ campaign that is aimed at educating communities about the safe use of electricity.

Eskom Ska Baiza electricity safety campaign

Derived from everyday South African ‘township lingo’, “U-ska baiza” means “don’t do anything foolish”. Eskom professionals will be spreading this message across the country during August, actively engaging local schools and communities to ensure that the safe use of electricity is top of everyone’s mind.

Miranda Moahlodi, Corporate (Occupational Health & Safety) Senior Manager at Eskom said, “While issues like illegal connections, vandalism, electricity/cable theft, meter tampering and bypassing are national problems, there are some areas with a high prevalence. The hot spot areas are in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Eastern Cape. Eskom officials will be shining the spotlight on these areas during this week and will be bringing members of the public important messages on how to stay safe from harm.”

The launch was hosted by Ndabankulu Secondary school in Butterworth and Eskom representatives, together with learners from surrounding schools, spent the morning engaging around the safe use of electricity. The message from Eskom was clear. U-Ska Baiza – don’t overload your plugs, don’t take chances with unsafe and illegal connections and don’t touch exposed cables.

“It’s important for us to start speaking to young people, particularly in this age group, about the safe use of electricity because they soon will leave school and start being independent members of society. We care for the communities within which we work and if we want to have a consistent supply of electricity and for our communities to be safe, we must encourage the safe use and access to electricity right from the start,” emphasised Eskom General Manager in Distribution: Lindi Mthombeni.

“With ‘Ska Baiza’ we are urging South Africans to go back to basics when it comes to using electricity safely. We’re encouraging people to actively monitor their environment inside and outside the home so as to avoid unnecessary injuries and fatalities. We want South Africans to know that we care about their safety and ask communities to assist us by reporting illegal connections in their neighbourhoods so as to ensure that we serve them effectively,” Zama Mpondwana, Senior Advisor Stakeholder Management concluded.


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