PressGel, a newly launched product from HellermannTyton, is a transparent easy to use one-component silicone gel to protect electrical insulation. Currently, electrical connections, inside empty enclosures or junction boxes are exposed to the risk of short circuit, oxidation and corrosion, which may over time cause irreparable damages. By using PressGel can prevent many of the environmental hazards such as vibration, water ingress, insects and dust which can result in installation failures.

“PressGel is particularly suitable for use in overhead installations with ‘upside down’ components even in humid environments,” explains Lee Vermeulen, Key Account Manager – Network Products at HellermannTyton. “It is ready to use, highly adhesive and non-dripping. It has no cure time, mixing requirements and will stay elastic after application”. The PressGel cartridge can be used with any standard cartridge mastic gun.

PressGel covers a range of applications from DIY projects such as protecting CCTV cameras or outdoor lighting from insects and/or rain to industrial applications such as mining, where an IP68 rating is required to protect electrical installations.

What makes PressGel unique is its non-toxic self-sealing properties, which can be removed after installation. For our South African climate, the UV-stabilised gel is a must for any installation.

When planning a DIY project at home or an industrial installation, things don’t always go as planned and are often delayed, but with PressGel’s unlimited shelf-life means you one less expiry date to worry about.

Product features include:

  • Ready to use transparent silicone gel in cartridge
  • Highly adhesive and non-dripping
  • IP68 in combination with appropriate junction box
  • Re-closable cartridge for multiple use
  • Non-toxic
  • Halogen-free and socyanate-free.
  • For electrical installation up to 1kV (1000V)
  • Operating temperature: -60°C to +200°C

PressGel is the ideal solution for insulation and sealing cable connections in junction boxes. Due to its protective properties it ensures additional safety.

Enquiries: www.hellermanntyton.co.za

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