How often do you hear from a fellow electrical contractor at the counter of your electrical supplier? “I don’t have to advertise, I’m busier than ever.” If you do, this is probably bravado. The truth is that no contractor is as busy as he/she should be. You should have enough work for eight hours a day, five days a week, and be able to pick and choose the jobs you prefer to do, in areas you prefer to work.

Using new technology in our technologically-driven world is essential for any business, big or small. If you’re an electrical contractor who would like to get more work, read the following key pieces of advice on how embracing new technology could solve your employment problems:

Using technology to get more electrical work

1) Engage with social media

Industry experts have revealed that we spend one minute out of four on social media during our time online. There is a huge audience on social media that contractors need to interact with. Create a Facebook account and post pictures of completed projects, or get set up on Twitter and tweet well wishes to your followers. Every little helps on social media, so get engaging.

2) Make use of a smartphone

Once you have created accounts on various social media channels, use your smartphone for quick and easy access to them during the day. This will enable you to respond quickly to any interaction and keep your audience up-to-date with your working day. Doing this will take half an hour of your day, and is certainly worth it.

3) Develop and maintain a website

Even if you already have one set up, develop it to a professional standard that will catch your audience’s attention and make you stand out in the field. Be sure to connect the website to your social media channels. Once it has been developed, maintain it regularly by updating information, adding photos, writing a weekly blog, etc.

4) Send out an e-newsletter

Your online audience likes to feel you have a passion for your industry, so send out a monthly e-newsletter with information about your projects, recent news about the construction sector and recent customer testimonials. Make it easy to subscribe to by adding a sign-up section to your website, and then posting the link to this onto your social media channels.

Other avenues for driving more business:

Estate agents: Send a letter of introduction, or better yet, visit your local estate agents with a portfolio of work and some business cards. Lots of people do remedial work prior to selling.

Your transport: As you are on the road for much of the day, your car/bakkie/van could be doing advertising for you. It need not be too flash but get it done professionally. Make sure your company name and ‘electrician’ are in large, easy to read letters and include a telephone number.


Going on site wearing a shirt with your company name and telephone number printed on it, could give you an edge. Wearing it while out and about could also increase business. In these competitive times, you must gain any advantage you can gain by promoting yourself and your business.

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