Eaton has announced a new portfolio of residentially-targeted wireless-enabled dimmers and switches for lighting control and smart receptacles that can switch any typical residential power load. The products support programmatic control of solid-state lighting (SSL) over a Wi-Fi wireless link. Moreover, the products are compatible with the Amazon Alexa smart hubs and can respond to voice commands.

LEDs need less energy; that is a fact. When updated to LED, street lighting bills go down by 50%-70% and, as the price and quality of LED lighting continues to improve, costs will lower. At the same time, smart lighting has been recognised as one of the most actionable and ready-to-implement technologies for cities to transition to a low-carbon economy and peak emissions in the next decade.

While ceiling lights bathe the entire kitchen in an ambient glow, it’s the lighting installed underneath your cabinetry that will prove to be most functional when you’re reading a recipe book or chopping vegetables. A ceiling fixture will give the room a general level of illumination but this illumination fails to reach your countertops when you’re standing with your back to it because your body blocks it out. The result is a shadow cast over the countertop, making it hard to see exactly what you’re doing, especially at night.

If current trends in research and development continue, LED lighting is projected to save 4.8 quads of energy annually by 2035. This figure could rise to 6.1 quads if U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) targets are achieved. To better inform our understanding of LED reliability over the course of a product’s lifetime, DOE has released the results of a study assessing the four major phosphor-converted LED (pc-LED) package types: ceramic-based, polymer-based, chip-on-board (COB) packages, and chip-scale packages (CSP).

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