As concerns grow about the long-term sustainability of conventional farming and agricultural operations, increased attention is being given to the potential advantages of what some are calling controlled environment agriculture, or indoor farming for short. Luminaires and grow systems specifically designed for horticultural applications are a critical element in these innovate environments.

Evaluating the safety and performance of horticultural lighting and grow systems

In this UL white paper, “Evaluating the Safety and Performance of Horticultural Lighting and Grow Systems”, the function of horticultural lighting in controlled environment agricultural operations id discussed, as well as the specific safety and performance requirements applicable to these specialised horticultural luminaires and systems.

Also discussed is the scope of safety evaluations available under UL 8800, Standard for Safety for Horticultural Lighting Equipment, and concludes with a summary of the potential advantages of UL 8800 horticultural lighting and grow system certification.

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