LED and Solar Products manufacturer Servotech Power Systems has launched its new range of solar street lights to deliver high-quality illumination for outdoor spaces. This series includes two product variants Integrated and 2-in-1 solar street light which offers a luminous efficacy of over 105 lm/W, a life expectancy of over 50 000 hours, and an IP 66 rating, ensuring protection even in the harshest outdoor circumstances.

Servotech game changing range of solar street lightsThese lamps increase charging efficiency by around 25% by utilising all of the energy harvested by solar PV modules which are made of highly efficient polycrystalline that have been used and tested for longer durability and can withstand highly corrosive atmospheres and heavy wind loads. These solar street lights can be widely used in Streets and Roads, Highways, Compounds, Parks, Boundary Walls, Car Parking Areas, Military and Civilian Security Installations, Airports etc.

A multi-purpose option, a solar street light can be utilised for a variety of applications and is used to illuminate roadways in rural and urban regions. These solar street lights have inbuilt high-efficiency solar charge controller, high lumen LED bulbs, high-efficiency solar panels, inbuilt dusk to dawn sensor and based on reuse, reduce & recycle approach.

Raman Bhatia, Managing Director, Servotech Power Systems, said these solar street lights have a motion sensor and an intelligent controller which are used to maximize the efficiency of the street lights and designed to regulate the light output based on movement detection and time schedule.


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