Atlas Copco has engineered cutting-edge design and technology into its compact and cost-effective HiLight LED light tower range to bring a perfect combination of high performance, optimum efficiency and low operational costs for lowest total costs of ownership.

Cutting edge design for Atlas Copco HiLight LED light towersAtlas Copco’s HiLight range of LED light towers comprises the B5+, V3+ , H4, and the H5+ (flagship) units as well as the more recent Z3+ battery operated unit. These flexible and economic lighting solutions meet a diverse range of applications in the construction, roadworks, mining, quarrying and public events sectors.

When industries have to extend their working hours to meet deadlines, they require reliable lighting systems to ensure operational uptime. When working after dark on for example construction,  quarry or industrial sites or at outdoor events in both rural and urban areas, it is essential to have the best possible lighting to ensure task accuracy, improved working conditions and enhanced worker safety. 

Specially developed by Atlas Copco to meet these requirements, the innovative HighLight range bears the stamps of superior performance, reliability and efficiency - from advanced LED technology and a compact footprint to low fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

Presenting the right combination of LED chips and LED optics, the HighLight range features three core points:  firstly, the HighLight LED’s specially designed directional optics are manufactured from glass to offer the correct and optimum light distribution.

Secondly, the robust light towers feature aluminium castings that provide heavy duty protection and ruggedness during transportation making the units well suited to gruelling use in tough environments. Adding further robustness is the light towers’ rugged steel frame fitted with PE bumpers which are manufactured to the same standards as the HardHat Canopy for increased protection of all internal parts.

And thirdly, the LED’s high Colour Rendering Index (CRI) score represent colours better than standard metal halide lamps. “These enhanced lighting solutions provide customers with the power of a full day and zero shadows for optimised safety,” notes David Stanford, Atlas Copco Power Technique business line manager, Portable Products.

The heavy duty IP67 rated LED lamps have a life expectancy or lamp durability of over 30 000 hours. The fully directional capability of the LED lenses which boast a unique optic design ensures maximum light distribution thereby reducing lighting waste.

One of the most versatile light towers in the HiLight product suite, the HiLight V3+ LED 4 x 120W electric light tower and the Z3+ battery-operated floodlights, with a high luminosity lamp assembly of 4 x 160 W LEDs (with a 10 lux average) deliver ideal light distribution over a 3000 m2 illumination. The H5+ unit features a 20 lux average and up to 5 000 m2 effective lighting coverage. “The efficient LED technology of our HiLight range delivers substantial savings per unit per annum especially when compared to a metal halide tower,” adds Stanford.

Stanford also points out that the lithium-ion batteries utilised by the HiLight Z3+ units offer a number of advantages compared to lead-acid and gel battery types. “With a life expectancy of 50 000 hours or a lifetime of 6 000 cycles that is equivalent to six times more than alternative technologies, these batteries deliver up to 20% more Depth of Discharge (DoD) and three times more energy density.”

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Atlas Copco’s LED HiLight towers outshine comparative models in the industry. Thanks to their smart design, the light towers boast one of the lowest fuel consumptions in the market with savings of up to 1 500 litres of fuel per annum. Stanford adds that in remote locations where there is no access to a grid or in the event of a power failure, the HiLight V3+ can conveniently utilise Atlas Copco iP and P generators as a power source.

The compact footprint of the HighLight range boosts fleet efficiency by facilitating transport, portability and installation. With a simple plug and light composition, the user friendly light towers are ready to light up the site in no time. 

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