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Sparks Electrical News December 2019The famous Sparks Electrical News holiday promotion is back! We have almost reached the end of 2019 and many of you will be taking a welcome and deserved break over December. To help you ease your way into the holiday spirit, a number of our advertisers have donated a wonderful selection of gifts that you cam win simply by entering our African Summer competition. Thanks to Comtest, Crabtree Electrical, Empire Electrical Wholesalers, Garry Lumpe Imports, HellermannTyton, MCE Electric, Radiant Lighting, Schneider Electric, Three-D Agencies, Vermont Sales and Waco for offering fantastic prizes for our readers.

Elsewhere in December, Sparks Electrical News focuses on DBs, Switches, Sockets and Protection; Tools of the Trade; Industry 4.0 and Lighting.

Personality of the Month

Sindi Kunene started her business journey when she formed Zamagoza Solutions & Services, or ZMG, in 2016, providing electrical maintenance services to SAB’s Rosslyn Brewery in Pretoria. “After I had finished studying and become certified as an electrician, I went to work for a company to learn as much as I could about how to run a business, but my vision has always been to have my own company. That was the dream,” says Kunene. “At first I was just supplying electrical material to companies, but the plan was always for me to become involved in maintenance.” Today, due to the mentorship, business development support and training she received from SAB Accelerator – SAB’s supplier development programme – her business is primed for success.

The 2020 outlook for electrical contractors

As we are nearing 2020, it’s time to look at the electrical industry and identify the new and emerging trends which will come into play. Keeping on top of trends not only helps keep your company from falling behind, but it helps you prepare for the future. There are some trends that continue year after year, and some up-and-coming advancements being made constantly in the industry. The electrical contractor will need new skills to keep up to date with new technologies and systems – failure to develop these will lead to replacement by other trades.

Working knowledge with Terry Mackenzie Hoy

This month Terry Mackenzie discusses batteries. The first electric power was direct current, dc, and was first made from a battery built by Allesandro Volta. His friend, Luigi Galvani, was dissecting a frog affixed to a brass hook. When he touched its leg with his iron scalpel, the leg twitched. Galvani believed the energy that drove this contraction came from the leg itself, and called it ‘animal electricity’. In fact, it was the current passing from the iron to the brass which contracted the frog’s muscles. Volta made a battery, being a ‘voltaic pile’ consisting of pairs of copper and zinc discs piled on top of each other, separated by a layer of cloth or cardboard soaked in brine.

Buyers Guide

The December 2019 Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the Lighting Luminaires sector. Download the latest Buyers' Guide.

Click to download and read this issue in PDF format.

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