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Sparks Electrical News April coverAs South Africans settle into the routine and inconvenience of load shedding and planning their activities around shifting electricity supply, it is businesses that are taking the biggest hit through the loss of operational capabilities, productivity, and profitability. While individuals deal with manoeuvring their household times and sitting in gridlock traffic, local businesses, hospitals, schools, and industrial sites must find ways to remain operational despite limited generating capacity.

Elsewhere in April, Sparks Electrical News focuses on Cables and Cable Accessories; Motor Control Centres and Motor Protection; and Lighting.

A world first with a 30-year success story

CCG first launched its Posi Range of corrosion-proof cable glands in 1989 after a direct request from senior SASOL engineers for CCG to come up with a solution to the problem of corrosion to brass cable glands on their petrochemical plants. The corrosion of cable glands and the subsequent failure of the related electrical installation’s explosion proof protection rating was a major ongoing concern for SASOL engineers at the time.

Personality of the Month

Anglo Allied Engineering is an importer and distributor of quality industrial electrical control and safety equipment to South Africa and Africa. Karin Visser joined the company, which her father purchased, 30 years ago as an admin clerk, and today is responsible for overseeing the entire operation.

A completely unique local MCC solution

Assemblies that are correctly operated, properly maintained, well designed and verified in accordance with the IEC 61439 series very rarely incur an internal arcing fault in service. However, if periodic maintenance is not adhered to, the potential consequences when such a fault occurs become more severe. WEG Automation Africa is positioned to provide everything from the entry level Motor Control Centres – still fully compliant with IEC 61439, right up to the most sophisticated Motor Control Centres in numerous configurations.

Working knowledge with Terry Mackenzie Hoy

This month Terry Mackenzie Hoy discusses how every so often somebody (normally a farmer) has a need to get an electrical power supply to a distant point. It is normally for the supply for a pump or worker’s cottage. The supply can be single-phase or three-phase. Depending on the current and the length of the cable, the volt drop from the sending end of the cable to the receiving end can be such that the voltage at the receiving end is too low to supply the load.

Buyers Guide

The April 2020 Buyers’ Guide lists manufacturers and distributors of products and services in the Motors & Drives sector. Download the latest Buyers' Guide here.

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